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How He Loves Us.

The wind has been furious. It's been viciously shaking the trees and pounding my window throughout the night. I was able to sleep through it comfortably until the power went off around 3. Then our white noise didn't work and there wasn't airflow and the kids started howling wondering what was happening and where their night lights went.

A couple dayg ago I dumped two huge water containers that I had prepared in November for hurricane weather. I was going to use it for flushing the toilets if the electricity went off. I thought all was well so after 3 months down the drain the water went. This wasn't super clean water it was tainted with remains of leftover aloe juice, etc.

We have a well that uses a pump... so right now, no water. No flushing the toilets. Etc. Hopefully it won't be too long without power.

I'm so thankful that I had recently been purchasing candles. I would find these amazing deals for beautiful fragrant candles for $2. One was found at Barnes &…