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9 years old today.

Libby is 9 today. It's hard to believe how fast the years have gone. They have slipped by in a couple blinks. I remember it felt like yesterday that I was just holding her. Her dark intense eyes staring at me taking everything in. And she was just an hour old.

She's still taking everything in. She's smart, observant, thoughtful, kind, gentle, sweet and artistic. I love her so much and am so proud of the young lady God is shaping her into.

She's been through so much. Has had to face so much at a young age. Having brothers with special needs and laying down her life for them. Giving hugs and kisses and shedding tears. I love my daughter. She's my favorite girl in the whole wide world. I am so honored that God would let me be her Mommy. I am blessed because Libby Anne Hope is in my life. The girl that brought so much joy and so much hope!

Clear Scan.

We are thanking God that there is no cancer growing in Samuel's body. We had a long day of iv's, x-rays, CT scan, EKG and an echo. So tired. But thankful.

CT Scan and EKG tomorrow.

Tomorrow is october 22nd. Samuel and I as well as Mike and Libby are traveling to the Children's Hospital at o'dark hundred for Samuel's 4 month check up. CT scan coupled with EKG. Hoping to hear that there is no change.

tomorrow marks 2 years out. 2 years of no cancer growing. I am praying and hoping and expecting good things but there is still dread and anxiety in me. My stomach is in a knot and I have a headache. I know it's the stress talking.

Trying to be kind to myself today. This is when my self-critic comes out strong. I want to beat myself up for not being perfect or responding perfectly. I'm mad for PMSing and feeling crappy. I'm mad that I don't feel ecstatic about cleaning and organizing. Or eating well. Or whatever. Shut up self. Be nice to yourself. You wouldn't treat your friends like that!

Either I want to try to do everything and be as productive as possible so that I'm too distracted to think about what's coming or I go into shu…

Adventures with Cousin

"A Chick-a- lay" We go. Peter loves Chick-a-lay (chick-fil-a). I think one of the things that he loves more though is his cousin Madison. So when my Mom and I had the opportunity last week to take them to Chick-fil-A it was a double happy whammie for Peter. No pictures at the restaurant. This is the only time they were contained (carseats) long enough to get a picture!

Crockpot Mis-Adventures...

Some days are just simply a "crack up". No matter how hard I try to get things done. Things can just go against me. Last week I was using a rotissserie chicken in the crockpot to make broth for homemade chicken noodle soup. All of a sudden I heard a loud CRACK and pop and turned to see my broth spilling out of the crockpot and onto the counter and floor. The bottom of the pot came clean off! Crazy.

I was also making cookies and I reached to move the oatmeal and the lid popped off and spilled everywhere. Yep, it was just one of those days.

Mornings with Peter

I just have to say that I love Peter in his bedazzling outfits. he loves to wear his sister's backpack and thinks it's his magic ticket to board the bus. So when we take the twins to the bus on the backpack goes.  Oh yeah, we're styling... This was yesterday, in addition to the fashionable "editing" of Ian...

Clothes Redesigned...

Thank you Ian for deciding that Peter's shirt needed some re-vamping. I had no idea what you were capable of with scissors. Never underestimate a 5 year old with scissors. At least it wasn't a haircut....

The importance of being Batman, A morning conversation...

Weekday mornings are always an adventure. Gathering lunches and assembling backpacks and making sure everything is signed. Not to mention that everyone is wearing shoes, jackets, accessories (glasses, hearing aids, etc.) The conversations get pretty interesting... and at times debates break out. Here's my recent favorite.

Ian recently stumbled upon two costumes in the closet. Batman and Robin. He immediately decided he was  Robin and that Samuel would be Batman.

Samuel: "I'm going to be Batman for Halloween but I really wish I was going to be a Bam-pire (Vampire)."
Libby: "You know Papa doesn't want us to be evil things."
Ian: "Well, in that costume, you can still look like a Bam-pire." (pointing to the batman outfit)
Samuel: "No Ian, It's BAT-MAN!"
Libby: "Do you know why he's called Batman?" (Doesn't wait for answer and quickly continues) "It's because he only comes out at night, just like a bat. And …

Baby "Ribber"

The kids love their newest cousin. They go crazy whenever they catch a sighting of River, who has been affectionately dubbed "Baby Ribber". It sounds like they're about to say "Ribbet" like a frog but it turns into Rib-ber. What a blessing to have 2 beautiful precious nieces!

Glitter Pumpkins

I love the Fall time. It's a season I don't think I used to appreciate very much but over the years I have come to look forward with eager expectation for the changing colors on the trees and pumpkins and crisp cool weather and sweaters and hot cocoa and bonfires...

Allie recently helped the kids with a fun Fall project: Glitter Pumpkins. She found it on Pinterest and replicated at the house. The kids LOVED it and went a little glitter happy. Thankfully they did this project outside while I baked pumpkin bars inside.

Michael: Citizen of the Month

Michael was recently chosen to be citizen of the month for his class. The characteristic of the month was respect. We laugh at home about that. Michael is very respectful in school. Great with teachers and fellow students... but at home he knows how to give it out! :)

We are so proud of Michael. He has grown so much and is continuing to exceed our expectations. Doctors are stumped and thrilled at his progress. So thankful to God for his provision for Dr. Foster. The microcurrent Michael has been receiving has been helping correct his gait (walk) and helping with speech and all sorts of other areas. We have been so blessed!

Tattoos, Body Paint & When the Poop Literally Hits the Fan...

So this week was eventful like all weeks around here in the Napier family home. I must confess though I wasn't expecting the poop to hit the fan... literally.

I was awoken abruptly to be informed that Peter's poopy diaper had literally hit the fan and exploded in all it's sodden glory. It's always a way to get a jump start on your day. Cleaning up scraps of soggy diaper blown into bits and I must confess my surprise to see that truly the poop was on the fan, in addition to the ceiling, the chairs, the carpet.

It didn't stop there though. Not only had Peter's diaper hit the fan, in which it was later discovered that it was not Peter who threw the diaper but a brother.... but Peter was also tattooed. And I knew it wasn't his writing because it contained the brother's signature. You'd think he'd show a little discretion. And this was after the same brother had painted his fingernails and toenails just the week prior.

So when the bus came that day P…

New "ears"

Samuel got his hearing aid. He's loving being able to hear. It's also pretty cool looking. He's in his "spy gear" now. That gives him super hearing.

here he is at a birthday party this past week-end. He had so much fun creating with legos.