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Busch Gardens (part 1)

Toby's Dream Foundation made Samuel's dream come true last year... our trip to Disney provided through Give Kids the World.
One neat thing that Give Kids the World does is gives for up to a year a  one day pass to amusement parks throughout the country. We were able to go to Busch Gardens right before school started. 
We were blessed to get to go with the Williams'. Mike and I were AMAZED at how uncomplicated it was for us to go with 5 kids to an amusement park. Many hands do make light work. Kids had a blast! The next day they were begging to go again.

No internet til October. We've got bills to pay and the internet doesn't take precedence over fuel for the car. Just want you to know why I'm not writing regularly.

Fall is here and it's glorious. Cool breezes. Long sleeve shirts and jeans. It's wonderous. Playing outside is so enjoyable.

Hoping to take a nature romp soon.

Til then soaking up the sunshine and the coolness.

In the Potter's Hands

It's interesting when I come to a birthday or an anniversary how it creates in me a spirit of reflection. I tend to think about the past. What happened then and where I'm at now. I then stop to think about the future. One of the ways I tend to do that is to think about our life plan... where we want to be in a year, in five, in 25.

It's somewhat ridiculous in that every single plan Mike and I have made has kind of blown up in our face. And yet having some kind of purpose and singular vision can be good, I think.

In looking at our future I can't help but look our present square in the face. It's definitely not what we thought it would be. And to be honest I still think we're reeling from Samuel's cancer treatment. It was almost a year ago and it's taken a while to breathe and reflect and process. Having small children leads to very little time to just be. To absorb and process emotions and feelings... especially of loss, grief, and pain.

When my sister Li…

Playing the Cards your dealt

So I've been sick for over a week. It's been pretty yuck. Coughing. Mucous. etc. Doctor told me Friday (um, yesterday) it's a bad head cold/chest cold. He prescribed this really strong cough medicine with codeine. It's supposed to "knock me out". But instead I'm wired. Which really stinks. Because most nights I've fallen asleep late: 2:30 a.m., 4:30 a.m., 8:30 a.m., 2:30 a.m.

I've gotten really little sleep and I'm really run down. Fun combination.

But in the midst of it I'm thankful that my husband was willing to make it as pleasant as possible. He surprised me with a pumpkin spice latte. After taking me to the doctors yesterday we got some thai food and some $5 movie bin movies and came home and chilled. The kids were elsewhere. A nice treat.

Today we drove to Edenton, N.C. We went to our favorite bookshop there Garden of Readin' and had some coffee and I got a few paperback mystery novels. We then went down the street and caught a f…

Photo Book

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9 years later... He's still the one.

9 years ago I was dressed like a princess. Well, I felt like one anyway with my long sheer Celtic sleeves and pearl roped empire waist gown. My hair crowned with a thick braid covered by a lovely veil. It was the day I married my best friend, Mike Napier.

I remember the excitement and anticipation of that day.  Early in the morning, we sat across from each other in a booth and had pancakes at IHOP- pumpkin pancakes. Pretty special. I know some people say it's "bad luck" for the groom to see the bride but I just had to see him before we got married.

September 6, 2003 was a magical day. We were surrounded by people we loved, beautiful music and charming atmosphere. And God's presence permeated the whole thing. Our surroundings felt fairy-tale-esque. Trees strung with lights. Soft glowing candlelight. An enchanted forest. Golden yellow tulle. Ivy and white roses. Flower girls throwing pennies instead of petals. (Pennies had a special significance to me. They represente…

More Summer Fun...


Summer Fun


Sick Day.

I've been in bed all day.

This usually is a fantasy of mine while I'm preparing dinner and trying to simultaneously entertain five hungry, crabby kids. Oh to be in bed, able to read a book or watch a movie or enjoy the quiet. The idea usually thrills me.

But today it's because I'm sick. I've been barking like a seal. I've used Mucinex, Nyquil and Dayquil. My achiness has dissipated and I don't have much of a headache but the cough and chest pain linger on.

I've drank cup after cup of water and taken emergen-c throughout the day. My kids have intermittently popped in and out with a quick hello or hug and Mike usually ushers them out as quick as they came. I read a mystery novel, the entire book, today. But with tossing and turning and napping and sweating and brushing crumbs off the bed it wasn't as exciting an event as I pictured.

And Mike doesn't feel well either. So there is the pressure to get better so I can take care of him and the kids. And…