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By the way, for those who read below I said re-heated twice. I was talking about my tea.

Ian still has a high fever. I took him to the doctor's tonight. Negative flu. Negative strep. Does have some fluid in the lungs so they did a chest x-ray and have put him on anti-biotics. In case of pneumonia. So off to pick up his meds and settle in for the night.

Tomorrow is a big day. We discover Samuel's school eligibility assessment- if he got in or not. We're hoping he'll get in so that he can get some serious Speech Therapy among other things.

One Shoe Days.

So we've moved. Can you believe it? We've just finished packing up the old house (the rest of it) today. So soon it will be cleaned and emptied.

Our new home on the other hand is still in process. I'm enjoying the space and am looking forward to getting things situated.

We decided to postpone Michael's surgery till next month. So he's now set for April 30th. This will give us a chance to catch our breath and hopefully get a little more settled in.

Things have had that unusual flavor of disorder. Things are haphazard and I'm having a hard time looking for what I'm trying to find. I've left the milk out twice and completely forgot my re-heated twice... in fact it was re-heated twice and I still forgot it! The kids are doing well and are loving their new room. Ian & Michael haven't noticed but that's to be expected.

Today Libby has ballet and as I checked her bag I could only find one ballet slipper. It's funny how that happens. Th…

more than mommy.

Who is that woman?
It's me.

Sometimes I forget what I even look like. All of my former dreams and ambitions have been pushed back onto a back burner. Where's the artist? The globe-trotter? The thin image I used to recognize... ha. The writer. The finisher of projects? The happy-go-lucky, ignorance-is-bliss girl....

She's traded her purse for a diaper bag. her time to herself for time with others. Her conversations with adults for silly songs with Larry. Her chick-flicks for Disney films. Her style for whatever has the least stains. A day at the beach for a day at the park. Perfume for smeared applesauce and yogurt.

Have I become a mere mommy? A diaper-changer? Bottom-wiper? Dish-washer? Nanny? Cook? Nurse? Chauffeur?

All of these roles. The ones I cherish and the ones I don't so much... they all fade. I am Christ's. I belong to Him. I am His. I have to remind myself of these truths. I'm not just a wife or mother all though I love being those things. I am…

me & Ian.

I tired of his screaming and crying so we did a little photobooth activity. And now he's crying again. Because it's over... or maybe it's because I'm not holding him...


I have some good news. Mike didn't have to travel to PA! He was able to take the test here. He's still in the midst of taking it and will finish tomorrow at 4:30. So please be in prayer for him. This is a cummulative exam in which he has to express what he's learned over the course of the years spent at Westminster. No small feat! So blessings on him and all that take this exam so they can graduate. I'm so thankful he doesn't have to spend the time, money, and energy of traveling. Looking forward to it being over... managing the kids without him is not so fun :)

Be encouraged.

Look at him. Isn't Michael a doll?! I am so crazy about my kids and isn't it obvious why...

Kids are such a treasure and a gift from the Lord. I have been so blessed to have the children God has given me. Sometimes I wish parenting was easier than it is. I wish I could magically be a fantastic mom and serve my family without complaint and help them to grow in valuing God and loving Him. I wish godliness came with a snap of the fingers.

The truth is that these things take time and effort. In our instant society where everything happens at a touch of the finger we have failed to see the reward in things that take time. In having to wait. In having to resolve our problems over a course of time as opposed to wrapping things up like a 30 minute sit-com. Life isn't that easy. But the good thing is our Lord is ever faithful to teach us and to instruct us.

I love that He encourages us to be still and wait on Him. (Psalm 37:7) He knows these things take time. He knows ab…

sleeping beauty.

The problem with being one of four children is that there are sometimes you can be forgotten. I was busy running around one morning taking care of feeding everyone and helping children get dressed when I came into the dining area and saw Ian asleep in his highchair. Poor child. He didn't cry or anything but just feel asleep after breakfast in his seat.

Movers and Shakers.

Well, it's time to officially announce... we are moving!

We're going to be living with my parents and we're moving at the end of the month. Our hope is to be moving things gradually in and have the last-of-the-stuff moved on the 28th & 29th. And yes, Michael is still having surgery on the 26th...

So to say the least we are busy. Busy packing and preparing and trying to think through the logistics of a lot of things. Michael will be admitted into the hospital for this procedure so we will be spending the day and night there... and hopefully going home the following day... so we can move :)
My parents will be moving into the nest (the efficiency apartment over the garage) and we will be living in the "main house".

The twins are 11 months old today. I can hardly believe it. Time is just flying by. I love watching Ian waving his hands and making noises and eating up a storm. Michael is as sweet as can be and is the calmest babe I've ever had. It's been…


Cherish yesterday.
Dream tomorrow.

These words brought comfort to me. I was browsing in one of my favorite stores, Michaels Arts & Crafts, and saw this quote. It brought tears to my eyes. Yes, I want to cherish my memories. Look and dream and expect with hope the future. But I want to live today. To live for God. To be consumed with Him and His glory and to LIVE! Jesus came to give us life and life more abundantly! (John 10:10)

Yesterday I went to a Young Mother's Breakfast at church. I was so encouraged and blessed to be there. I secretly went dreading the time there. I thought it was going to be a "do this or that better", "keep on keeping on", "do more try harder" kind of time. It was NOT. Nothing close to that.

Instead it was refreshing, encouraging, and gave me some much needed perspective and HOPE! I was reminded once again that my satisfaction comes from Christ alone. There is nothing else that will satisfy. Not even b…

Stepping Backwards.

I wrote this on Thursday the 12th...

Okay, so it's not three steps back. But maybe two. Today. Hm. It was a good day. It really was. I got treated by a friend to some shopping and to get a few needed items. I had lunch with that friend at Chick-fil-A... another huge plus.

It was when I picked up Alexis and went to Target that things got funny. We arrived at Target and I had separated my gift cards for Target and Starbucks and brought them by hand into the store. I put them into a hand-held shopping basket along with my car keys. I went to the Pharmacy and put in my refill request and did some grocery shopping for dinner tonight. We purchased the groceries and then proceeded to Starbucks all excited about using my gift card... and that's when I realized... my cards were missing. I had Alexis check the car to make sure I didn't leave them on the dashboard. No luck. I kept thinking and thinking. I used another card to pay for my purchases and had the card in hand wh…


I loved the saying on this mug, "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly."

I feel like that caterpillar... and I often feel like it's the end of the world... but I hope and I know that in the end, when all is said and done, I will become that butterfly.

Growth. With the coming of spring. With the tender shoots bursting forth and leaves preparing to unfurl... with the freshness of wind and sunshine... and the daffodils swaying in their yellow skirts and the tulips poking their stems above ground... there is growth. It's appropriate that I feel this growth inside me as well. I feel like I have been taken to a new level. A place where I can see just a fragment more clearly than before. A reminder that I can know it's not all about me... it's about God.... it's about Christ and His purposes and plans. and I can be refreshed in knowing that it's not up to me. This work has been done. I can rest in Him. Rest in the …

Happy Birthday Love!

Happy Birthday Mike!

Mike- you are my treasured gift from God to me! I am so thankful for your love, support and encouragement. Thank you for not giving up on me. Thank you for your patience, your tender devotion, and your constant faithfulness. I am so blessed to have you as my husband, lover, and father of my children. Our children love you and I adore you.

I never knew all those years ago that we would even be friends....not to mention all of this. As we were saying in the car yesterday... who would have thought 7 years ago when you asked me to court you that we would be here all these years later with 4 kids and a mini-van :) At least we don't live in it down by the river...

I love your sense of humor, your laughter, and your brilliance. You are the smartest and sexiest man I've ever met. I can't help but fall more in love with you every day.

You bring joy to my life even on the dark days and a sweetness to even the bitterest of days. You are my best friend who I t…

this week-end.

It's not often I can say of March that I've had a good time. but I have. I have felt soaked, saturated and covered in prayer. I felt so much peace this week-end and had a GREAT time with my family. Time to laugh. Time to run and play. Time to be. Time to sit and drink coffee. Time with my love and my little loves.

Alexis came with us and made the trip so pleasurable. She was such a help to me. We were later joined by her mom and siblings (thanks LaLa, Courntey, and Thomas) they came to come pick her up... and they added so much laughter. The day after that my parents came down. It was so nice to see them and be with them.

I think it was healing to have laughter. Healing to be with those who knew and loved Libby dearly. To talk freely about her... or to not talk at all.

It was a comfort food week-end. Meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Monkey bread, eggs and bacon. Chicken Divan and strawberry pretzel salad. We had cake and ice-cream for breakfast on Libby's heaven b…

How to encourage.

Hey friends,

Would you mind commenting after my posts? It really encourages my heart to hear feedback from you all. Even if it's just a sentence. Please?


Heaven Birthdays.

This Saturday will be my sister, Libby's, 5th Heaven Birthday. This way of thinking about it came as I was sharing with my daughter about her Auntie Libby. I was telling her on Auntie Libby's Heaven Birthday we would be eating ice-cream and cake for breakfast... and celebrating her. She asked if we could eat it down here and not up there. I told her yes. She then asked me if I would bring Auntie Libby and Sam some ice-cream. I told her that I'm sure Jesus will do it. She looked at me very seriously and said, "I love God."

But I like this thought of Heaven Birthdays. It's what happened, my sister was birthed into Heaven. Instead of seeing it as when she died... or how many years it's been in a negative way, seeing how beautiful it is that she's spent that many years in Heaven with Jesus. The thought brings me a smile. Not that I'm glad my sister's gone- I miss her to pieces. It's just that I know with birthdays you celebrate. Yo…

consider yourself updated.

Hey, Just a quick note to let you all know a couple things...

Mike and I will be out of town this week-end with the kids. We're going to Nags Head... just want to get away from it all for a few days.Kelsey was supposed to go with us but has been sick for 3 days and has a fever of 104... poor friend! She's been so sad... I am praying the Lord heals her. I know she can't come but I just hope she gets better for her sake!

We changed Michaels' surgery from March 12th to the 26th. Just didn't want to have it on the same day my sister was buried. So it will be two weeks later... makes me feel better.

things have been up and down. Michael's doing great with his helmet and we've managed to be able to put his glasses over his helmet.

We've had tons of appointments, meetings, specialists, etc.

Ian was assessed today by Early Intervention and does have a delay and so will be receiving physical therapy in addition to Michael...

So, a lot more updates and news to c…


On Saturday I was given the privilege to hear the Virginia Symphony Orchestra along with the Virginia Symphony Chorus perform Verdi's Requiem. It was conducted by JoAnn Falletta and was a beautiful experience. My friend, Nathalie, had free tickets. Mike and I went and were able to also invite my dad (there was an extra ticket!) It was a fun time getting to spend time with Nathalie, my husband and my dad. We attended the lecture before the performance and I enjoyed the insights into the background and motivation behind the music.

It was interesting to understand that so much of this music was a message of mourning and comfort. In the program it says the following,

"Perhaps the most important factor of all in assessing the Requiem's artistic appeal and popular staying power and is that Verdi understood....that those who need comfort from a Requiem are the living."

I understood from the program and lecture that they didn't assume that Verdi looked to the afterlif…