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Looking for Advice.

Okay people... here's the deal. I'm going to being posting on Fridays (Lord and children willing) a question in which I hope to get some feedback from all you readers out there. I'm looking for advice. So every Friday I want you to give me advice. Um, there are no rules to this... just please post a comment. Suggestions are wanted here people!

Here is this week's Question(s):

What is your best tip for cleaning?

This could mean product you use. This could mean how and when you clean.... Go wild with this... I'm hoping for some answers!

Don't be shy. If you've never posted on my blog before.. well, now is your chance!

From the beach.



Sometimes you have moments in your life where you stop and think, "Who am I? What am I doing?" I have these moments. Moments when I'm trying to pick up cheerios of the carpet. Moments when I'm trying to cook breakfast and find little arms and legs plastered to me. Moments of tickling my children on the bed or chasing naked babies out of the tub into towels. Moments of frustration when another bill gets paid late. and there's a huge late fee. Moments of anger and miscommunication and rolling over in bed. Moments of joy, watching Libby dance and Samuel bob up and down on his knees. Moments of beauty like a full golden moon or my roses in bloom or the way myson's hair curls. Moments of depression when I struggle to get out of bed. Moments of tenderness when my honey kisses me on the forehead. Moments of sheer silliness where Libby cannot stop laughing and I join in the rambunctious fun of a two year old.

Moments of delight, of pain, of sorrow, of swe…

My dad.

i never had the opportunity to post anything on Father's Day. This goes out to my dad. Some of my favorite things about my dad is how he doesn't care about what other people think of him. He is genuine. He is who he is. He is honest. He's humble. He's a great dad and husband. He is a dreamer. He loves having adventures.

As a teenager I grew up knowing that no matter what I did it wouldn't stop him loving me. It was a safe place to be in. I knew I could tell my dad anything... and I did :) Thanks dad for loving and caring for me for so many years. Thanks for loving my husband as a son and for building us the nest to live in! Thanks for letting us live with you for a year and a half!

Thank you for taking me fishing, for the play house you built us kids, for moving us out to the "country", for the jewelry you bought me and the "dates" you took me on, for teaching me about grace and Jesus and being a ragamuffin. For trips to the zoo, the…

What Can I Do?

This is the book I was recommending earlier. I have almost completely read the book cover to cover. it's entitled, What Can I Do? Ideas to Help Those Who Have Experienced Loss by Barbara A. Glanz.

This book is chock full of practical ideas but it also gets at some elements of grief that I have experienced and have not been able to put into words. So many times I've had to catch my breath reading some of the quotes in this book. It is a book that I wish I could get anyone who ever knew me or will ever know me to read. So a lot of it feels personal but it's a great tool to help others. I found it extremely accurate and helpful.

I particularly found the Foreword and Introduction particularly good. Let me give you a taste:

"Our society is not 'grief literate,' although we live in a time of tremendous loss. The aging of our population, news of terrorism, along with death and destruction from natural disasters necessitate that we learn the ways of grief-and of …

Back in PA.

We arrived home today at 4 p.m. It was a really peaceful trip. So I haven't checked my e-mail or looked at everyone's blogs in what feels like forever. I look forward to doing that tomorrow. We've unloaded and put away half of the stuff that was in the van. This is a major accomplishment seeing that we packed the whole van and crammed it with as much stuff as possible. Mike and I have spent the past couple of days going through our belongings in my parents barn and cleaning out the nest (where we used to live in their house.)

I'm going to finish watching to Have and to Have Not (Bogart/Bacall) with my honey and enjoy being back in our own bed. There truly is no place like home.

Look forward to sharing pictures...

Heart Strings.

Living in two places at one time is nigh impossible. Okay, it is impossible, unless your God. I really feel torn about where I live, spend time, and who to keep in touch with. i feel like I have friends all over the country and all over the world. Friends in the UK, Sweden, Australia, France, China, New Zealand, etc. Friends in California, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Texas, Virginia, Maryland, etc. You guys get the picture.

Being down here (in VA) has been great but it's making me long for my home in PA, the routine of the everyday norm. Of sitting on my red leather couch and drinking English Breakfast (yeah, for Twinnings).

I feel divided my heartstrings between VA and PA in particular are hard to sever. how do I enjoy one place and not long for the other? I know when I get home I will be missing my family and friends in VA. And yet, when I'm here I'm thinking about there?

And the truth of the matter is I will always be longing. Nothing…

Striving and Failing.

I am sitting at my father's desk with a horrible headache. It is what I would imagine a hangover to feel like. I've never been drunk so I wouldn't know but my head is just killing me. So I'm here trying to post because I realize wow, I haven't posted in a while. That's what happens when I'm not at home.

Mike and the kids and I are still in VA. Mike is working for my dad for a week or two to make a little moolah and then we'll head back to PA. He starts summer Hebrew on the 29th or 28th or something like that. Okay, on the 28th. Samuel sees the geneticist on the 29th and then we're driving to Boston for my cousin's wedding which is on the 30th.

I got angry with Libby today. She willfully yelled at me "NO!" when I asked her to obey and I disciplined her. I wasn't so mad about that but I got angry because of my stupid mistake. I put Samuel on the couch so that I could spank her and right after I spanked her and she was crying…

Island Dream.

I have been enjoying myself far too much to post as of late. Mike and the kids and I have been experiencing just a bit of heaven. It's been such a good break for us. Time to read books, swim in the pool and just enjoy the kids. We also had the pleasure of a friend joining us for 2 nights and were able to enjoy good food, good fellowship and some nice cold beverages! Libby loves the pool and even if her lips are almost bluish purple she doesn't want to leave the water.

I just want to publicly thank my dear in-laws for letting us use their beautiful home in Nags Head. It's been such an amazing time. A vacation that we could never have afforded on our own. If any of you are looking to rent a beautiful spacious beach home the Island Dream is a wonderful homey escape from the world.

Tomorrow we're going to take the kids to the beach. We've just been venturing to the pool lately, which has been so much fun.
Looking forward to a movie with Mike tonight.... aaahh …


Welcome June. Welcome to the bright warm days full of sunshine. Of days lying in a hammock. Of days savoring the smell of freshly cut grass. Of days where you pull out your barbecue and enjoy grilled chicken, fish, and veggies. Of long days full of light where the sun goes down to bed late.

I love summer. I love soaking up the sun and reading books and laying on the sand. Mike and I drove to VA on Wednesday. He called me up Wed. morning and said, "Hey, what if we go down today?" I thought, "heck, yeah!" So as we were driving Samuel proceeds to get sick. he threw up so much. On the way down we were wondering if we needed to go straight to CHKD (children's hospital of the king's daughters in Norfolk, VA). Thankfully we were able to get him some pedialyte at 10:30 at night. He was able to keep it down. We knew as long as he was able to remain hydrated that he would be well. So he's got a wicked cough but he's now better and back to eating…