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This is my friend Tosha whom I always talk about. She's holding Samuel. I am so grateful for her. She's a friend who is quick to speak truth to me in a loving way. She's a great source of encouragement and an overall amazing friend. Here she is serving me by helping me out with Samuel. Thanks Tosha for all that you are and all that you've done! You are loved!

My friend & sis.

Here's a picture of my little "sis", Kelsey, when we were at the Getty Villa in Malibu. I am so thankful to God for her and for her friendship. She just called the other day to tell me she's coming for a visit in January. I'm so excited. I always look forward to having time with her. It's always wonderful.

Kelsey has always been a special means of grace in my life. She has served me on countless occasions, even postponing school to serve me while I was on bedrest with Samuel. She called me up the day we found out my sister had died and told me that she was flying in. She comforted me so much just by being there.

I am so blessed to have you in my life Kels. Thanks for being there for me. Thanks for loving me at my worst. Thanks for laying down your life for me. You truly are a wonderful friend.. and a great "sister."

Don't be shy.

Okay, you all seem a little freaked out by Friday's post. Don't be. I'm not trying to be scary, rebellious or even edgy. I'm just asking what does it look like for you to be a woman? What does it mean for you to be a woman of God? I'm not wanting you to be intimidated. Some responses please!

For me personally, it's growing in my confidence before Him. It's finding my identity in Him. It's seeing beauty in His eyes as more important than worldly beauty. It's not striving but it's being passionate about God and His Kingdom. God wants my heart and all of me. He's not willing to settle for some silly superficial image of perfection and my cravings for control of my life. It's putting to death jealousy and discontentment and taking on a heart of grattitude and joy. I'm not there... I'm just saying that's some of what I think about in becoming feminine.

Anywho, your thoughts please?


What is your idea of true femininity? I was thinking about how often the idea of "woman" and "feminine" is so messed up according to our culture. You need to be everything: Amazing cook (delicious, healthy, nutritious, meals), gardener, cleaner, gorgeous, sexy, perfect, and hold a job (like be a CEO) and bake cookies for your kids somehow and be able to knit, sew, scrapbook, and be computer savvy, and keep up on your calls, e-mails, voice-mail, answering machine, and have perfect etiquette and exercise for an hour every day. Can you do this and also be the soccer mom, take the kids to ballet, karate, swimming, tennis, and piano lessons. Your kids must be perfect and well-behaved and genius and well rounded.... the list goes on. Okay, so we're not all that. At least I'm not all that. We're also supposed to look a certain way. So much is based on image and appearance.

The Bible gives us Proverbs 31:10-31 (who seems a bit like super woman to)...

10 An excell…

Cravings and Craziness.

Okay, so it was quiet... all too quiet. Somehow or another the children had managed to break through the impregnable force (this really difficult baby gate) and were upstairs playing in the bathroom as I was trying to prepare dinner. Libby had moved the gate and they had both escaped upstairs.

Other new tricks-You can imagine my shock the other day when I turned to see my son standing upright in the cart reaching for something on a shelf at Target. It was the first time he wasn't strapped in because this particular cart didn't have straps. I was getting something and looking at the label and then out of the corner of my eye I spotted him. Agghhh. It doesn't stop.

This morning Libby ended up in bed with us rather early. She turned to Mike and said, "You sly dog!" I laughed so hard when Mike recounted the story. Where did she get that one from? A Charlie Brown movie she loves to watch :)

Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. Nor, do I think it's really for th…


On Sunday, we celebreated the first day of fall. We went to Linvilla Orchards to go apple picking. We met up with some friends and had a picinic and then walked around enjoying the sight of large pumpkins and gourds. By the time it was time to pick apples the kids were too tired. So our friends picked on our behalf and we took our tired children home for a well-deserved nap. These photos were taken by our friend Laura, a very gifted photographer! Don't you want to kiss Samuel's little munchy cheeks?!

This One's for the Girls...

My cousin Sharon bought me a CD (Martina McBride's: Martina) pretty soon after Libby was born, so Icould hear the song "In My Daughter's Eyes". It's a great song. Makes me cry everytime I hear it. One of my other favorite songs on there is a song called, "This One's for the Girls". The lyrics go as follows.

"This one's for all you girls about thirteen High school canbe so rough, can be so mean Hold onto, on to your innocence Stand your ground when everyone's giving in
This one's for the girls
This is for all you girls about twenty-five In a little apartment, just trying to get by Living on, on dreams and spaghetti-o's Wondering where you life is gonna go
This one's for the girls Who've ever had a broken heart Who've wished upon a shooting star You're beautiful the way you are This one's for the girls Who love without holding back Who dream with everything they have All around the world This one's for the girls
This is for a…

Acorn Squash Recipe.

Here is the recipe that I love for acorn squash. It comes from Betty Crocker's Cookbook.
2 acorn squash (1 to 1 1/2 pounds each)5 tablespoons maple flavored syrup4 tablesoon heavy whipping cream, butter or stick margarineHeat oven to 350.2. Cut each squash lengthwise in half; remove seeds and fibers. Place squash, cut sides up in ungreased rectangular pan, (9X13). Spoon 1 tablespoon maple syrup and 1 tablespoon whipping cream into each half.3. Bake uncovered about 1 hour until favorite though is apple-stuffed acorn squash: Omit maple syrup and whipping cream. Bake squash halves 30 minutes. Mix 1 large tart red apple, diced, 2 tablespoons chopped nuts, 2 tablespoons packed brown sugar and 1 tablesppons butter or stick margarine, melted. Spoon apple mixture into squash halves. Bake about 30 minutes longer or until tender.I personally add oats and cinnamon to the apple mixture and drizzle with real maple syrup... super yum!


Hope you're not too disappointed but I am passing on Friday's question. I can only think of some really cheesy ones so I'm going to pass. there is ground cereal bar and pirates booty all over my bed. I bet you wish you were me, huh? Oh, you know you do :)

I'm on a new kick lately... Twizzlers. It's been a while since I've had some so I don't know how or why but I ended up with a Twizzler and now I feel like an addict. I literally ate a couple before breakfast yesterday. Now, chocolate, I understand, but a Twizzler? Here's the key though- they must be fresh... no stale twizzlers around here.

Samuel is getting into everything. Now that he can climb the stairs he can also dunk his arm down the toilet. He poured out my water bottle all over himself and the carpet. He's demanding. he climbs on the couch. He's in that place though that I can't just let him climb the stairs or the couch because he's not safe. He tries to climb over the couch. He…

Last July. Some pictures to enjoy.


Mama, said that there'd be days like this...

There are days that run smoothly. Days where everything seems to fall into place. Things seem to get done almost effortlessly. This was not one of those days. I overslept. We were quickly trying to feed the kids, get them into clothes and get Mike to school so that we could head to my women's Bible study. Okay so the morning felt a bit much but I actually made it on time to the study. I dropped off the kids. I walked to my group feeling tired and disoriented. I was thankful that even though I didn't have a proper breakfast (in my book a 100 calorie granola bar doesn't count) that I had packed my cup of tea. smile.

I sat down and reach for my cup. Now my travel mug has a lid on it. I looked down. I sat in transfixed horror when I realized that somehow the lid wasn't secure. My purse was now coated with tea and I was left without caffeine. Hmmm. Okay. This is alright.

After Bible Study I take the kids to Trader Joe's. We had not been shopping since last week and I didn…

Miss Mom.

We're back from Va. We got in late last night and instead of heading straight to bed after we put the kids down we decide that it was more urgent to watch a little bit of The Office (season 3) that we just purchased this week-end. The Office tends to be a little more vital than sleep... ha ha ha. This morning I took the kids to the post office to pick up a package we had received from our friend Sarah from across the pond (in London). I took the kids to the park where Libby was able to get up to the top of the slide using these bars and climbing up... I was really nervous watching her but she did it perfectly. She calls them "monkey bars" but they're not the ones that go straight across... hard to explain. Iwas really proud of her.
I kept sliding down with Samuel on the big slide. Every time we went down he would say, "Wheee!" It was really cute. We did that about 5 times and then I let him wander around the park.
Upon arriving home we opened the special pack…

Friday for you.

I'm in VA but I haven't forgotten that today is Friday.  Think, think, think.  What shall I ask today...
Okay, here's a practical one.  I'm looking for a good family planner/calendar.  Any suggestions?  Since we all have a lot going on it would be good for us in regards to planning the week, etc. to have a place where it's all listed.  Samuel's appts.  Libby's school stuff.  Mike's classes. What do you do to make life work... I would love a great planner/calendar but am at a loss where to find something good...

Autumn Bliss.

This morning was rather enchanting. We managed to get up before 7:30. We fed the kids and I made us egg & bacon Bagels and we were off and running. The soundtrack was Death Cab for Cutie. Dropped Mike off at school. Went to Target. Watched the leaves that look like some shade of bartlett pears. Rolled down the windows. Put on West Coast Revival. Mmmm. This is life. The kids happy in the back. Get to Target. Successful trip. Only bought what was needed. Went to Barnes & Noble and grabbed a stack of books and an iced tea and sat and read to the kids in the cafe. We left having bought nothing (but the iced tea). Yeah.

Came home... and it was so gorgeous outside that we HAD to go for a walk. Strap them in the jogger and go a couple miles. Come home sweating but happy. Put Samuel down for a nap. Fix Libby and I some lunch and head outside to sit. Fresh air. Sweet girl in her ballerina shoes. After lunch we clean out the car. Libby was pretending to have all sorts of adventures and I…


Our plates are loaded and we're just trying to figure out this week. Getting the car inspected. Still need to get my computer fixed. Checking out a potential pre-school for Libby. Also a possible ballet class for 3-4 year olds (it looks great by the way). I have Women's Bible Study at church. I'm taking a knitting class for the next four Tuesday nights. Samuel's surgery follow-up appointment. His speech therapy. Preparing to go out of town this week-end. On top of that there is my need to get on top of my school work. And I'm excitedly taking on something else as well. I'm going to be writing for Ashleigh's new webzine, Ungrind. ( I am really excited about this new project and am looking forward to harnessing some writing skills and getting some experience under my belt. I also really admire Ashleigh's writing skill and have already found myself encouraged by her as my editor.

This may sound like, "wow, you're doing a lot…

Our time together.

Mike and I had the best time this week-end. Friday night we went to our friend's appartment in the city and stayed the night there. We house swapped and they watched the kids for us. I took a nice bath and relaxed and enjoyed some delicious champagne and strawberries that our friends left for us. The next day we slept in and enjoyed some delicious quiche and pumpkin bread (again courtesy of our friends-aren't they amazing!) We went into the city and parked the car. Sounds like a small thing but it's hard to find free parking in the city. We walked to 7th and Bainbridge and found an AMAZING coffee shop called Bean Exchange Coffee House... it was terrific. We sat outside drinking delicious coffee and dreamed about the future together. Just chatting about life/goals/dreams/future plans, etc. The chai I had was so out of this world. The foam was so perfect... and I am a foam nazi.

We then walked into the city looking at shops and at times stopping and ducking in. We went into o…

Friday time.

Okay, I need some clever ways to feed my kids. I'm talking healthy, nutritious foods here. If any of you know my kids well then you know they struggle with eating foods with texture. They like smooth things like yogurt, applesauce and bread. They'll eat muffins, toast, waffles, pancakes. Samuel will occassionally eat eggs and Libby just ate potatoes and meatballs for the first time. She also ate a good portion of banana today! These are miracles in my book. I introduce all sorts of fruits and veggies without success. I want to make sure they're getting as much nutrients, vitamins, etc. as possible. I stay way from sugar for them. They drink soymilk and Libby will eat string cheese. I don't feel though that their diet is "well-balanced".

Any suggestions of how to get my kids to eat food? Particulary fruits and veggies... any recipes you recommend or ideas to "sneak" in the good stuff? Help please!

4 years.

Yesterday was our 4th wedding anniversary. Mike and I are celebrating this week-end. I am looking forward to some time with him, without the sweet interruptions from our children. What exactly lies in store for us we're not sure... a trip to IKEA, the art museum, chilling at a cafe... so many options. I know that whatever we do it will be wonderful because we get to celebrate together. I never knew what was ahead of us when we got married. Here we are four years later...Bachelor's degree done. Now, living in Philadelphia while Mike gets his Master's Degree. Pregnancies. Births. Deaths. Struggles. Laughter. 2 children. A lot of adventures. Traveling. Singing. Learning to Knit. Writing. A lot of Starbucks cofee, both of us having worked as Baristas at Starbucks. Newspaper Route. Serving at Olive Garden. Scrapbooking. Reading a lot of books. All of that and more, but not in that order.
I am so thankful that we've come through the difficulties and I look forward to the joys…

First Video Attempt.

Mike and I have attempted to post video for the first time on here. This was taken a couple months ago but I thought you might enjoy it. As we get more adept at updating by video we look forward to showing more of the kids, etc. Hope you enjoy this snippet of the kids.

Colds, Catching Up & Other Means of Grace..

Today has been one of those days and by that I don't mean it's been a bad day... it's just been one of THOSE days. Woke up with a cold; my throat sore from breathing through my mouth. I kind of felt like I was in a fog. Made some phone calls with my frog-like voice. That was special. Took Mike to school. Took over-tired kids to Target, Trader Joe's and Starbucks. Didn't blow my budget. Took kids home and put them down for naps. Cleaned. Vaccummed. Organized a little. Samuel had speech therapy. Libby slept through the whole thing.

yet somehow, somewhere in the back of my head my mind has been in ovedrive. Maybe it was finally finishing the last of the Harry Potter novels or something but I just felt restless. I kept crying out to God for help. I even asked Him to help me with what I should feed myself for lunch. Do you ever have those days where you feed your kids and because you were preparing food you somehow thought that you already ate until it's late in the…
The air is beginning to get cooler and jeans are a more comfortable attire. It's September 1st and I can already begin to feel the touch of fall around me. A tinge of organge and red can be seen on the leaves of trees. When I was a child my favorite season was summer. Fall was probably on the bottom of my list because it meant the end of summer, beginning of school, and the back-to-school realities of life. But now that I am older I am beginning to love the seasons more and especially fall.

How do you embrace the Fall? Are there special things that you do during the Fall or Autumn as others would call it? Do you have any special traditions for this time of year? I have one that I really enjoy. To celebrate Libby's birthday (Oct. 23) we have pumpkin pancakes and get the kids a pumpkin each. This is also the season where I make everything pumpkin: bread, muffins, pie, etc. What do you to celebrate?

A day at the Hill...

One of the very first things that made me love Philadelphia is a place called Chestnut Hill. It has some quaint shops and cobblestone streets (2 knitting stores-love that!) and is simply charming. Samuel had his 18 month appt. (No shots this time!) and is doing amazing! It was so great to be reminded of all the ways God has been working in Samuel's life. His health has improved so much and he's growing leaps and bounds. He's grown from being in the 4% to about the 20th for kids his age. He used to not even be on the chart and now he's catching up with kids his age! I'm not even factoring in his real gestational age (when he should have been born). He's growing.

I cut his hair today. He still has curls but he no longer can be thought to be a girl. The haircut came out better than I imagined. I'll take some pictures and post them soon! (mom you would be proud!)

So Samuel's appt. was in Chestnut Hill. He did great. Then we went down the "hill" to S…