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Birthday Reflections...

Can it be birthday reflections if it's five in the morning? I'm not reflecting on the day... it hasn't quite happened yet. Woke up at 4 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep. So showered and sitting at IHOP for my free birthday breakfast. And so I'm rambling.

This year. I thought 37 was going to be amazing. I think primarily because it had the number 7 in it which is one of my favorite numbers ergo it had to be an amazing year. But last birthday I was hopped up on pain meds at my daughters dance recital trying to recover from my miniscus repair surgery. And then just over a week later I was in a car accident that left me debilitated through the summer and a lot of the Fall.

This year was marked with changes. Putting my younger 3 back in public school. Homeschooling only the older 2. Debilitating depression and panic attacks at times. Mike's continued travels for work.

Michaels' diagnosis of Klinefelter Syndrome and official diagnosis of intellectual disability.