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zoo-rific (part 2)

This is the rest of the pics of our trip to the zoo on Ian and Michael's Birthday.


We went to the zoo on the boy's birthdays. After they had finished school for the day we pulled Lib and Sam out early and went to lunch at Chick-fil-A and then a trip to the zoo. Kristin and Madison came too as well as my Mom. Our friends the Rockeys were able to join us. The icing on the cake was that Mike didn't have work that day, which was unplanned but very welcome. The boys loved having a day with their Papa. It was a fun time to laugh and be with friends. We started off attempting a picture but Ian pricked his finger on the plant and he freaked out because he started to bleed. Just the typical sort of drama to start our outing off on the right foot :)

Happy Birthday Ian & Michael!

5 years ago today I gave birth to two little miracles, Ian Christoph & Michael MacLeod. My how the time has flown.

I wasn't able to meet them up close and personal til over 12 hours after I gave birth but I tell you what... it was love at first sight.

I can't believe how much they've grown and changed. How different they are from each and how much they love each other.

Ian, I love your adventurous spirit. Your ability to explore and plunge ahead. I love your sweet smile and your beautiful blue eyes. You keep me on my toes and I love every bit of craziness you add to our home! Mama loves you and is so proud of you!

Michael, I love your tenacity. Your perseverance when life hasn't dealt you an easy hand. You don't let anything hold you back. You are tender and affectionate. Your smile makes me smile. Your dark blue eyes take everything in. I love your fierce independence. Mama loves you and is so proud of you!

I look forward to our trip at the zoo today and I l…

Michael's Art

Michael's fall artwork. I love the tree with the broken wax (crayons).

Something New...

Wish us luck and cheer us on... Mike and I just started a new lifestyle of eating and exercise. You can read more about it here...

Relay for Life

This year Samuel will be walking the survivor lap at Relay for Life in Chesapeake on May 4th.

I'm so grateful that he's alive and that we have the blessing of this precious boy!

In addition this year is meaningful as Samuel's teacher has recently been diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma. She told me that she looks at Samuel and is given hope. That if he can do it, so can she! We are praying for his teacher to heal and survive and Thrive. She's undergoing chemo every 3 weeks on top of teaching a class of 1st graders... talk about a fighter! His teacher is AMAZING!!!

So I am thankful for hope. Hope that comes from many surviving such a horrific disease and the eternal Hope that we have in Jesus Christ!

A Day with Fluffy Pebbles

Apparently Samuel has a pretty special class "pet". It's name is Fluffy Pebbles and it's a stuffed owl. The goal is to pass the owl to each student in his class through the school year. The kids have to write about what Fluffy did with them at their house in Fluffy's journal. They also have to have pictures... Here are the pics...


Last week the trees in our backyard looked on fire with color. The bright golden light touched the tree tops and it was beautiful and magical. 

Zoo-tastic (2)