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Samuel's test today.

Today we have an appointment for Samuel at CHKD. He's going to get his ears cleaned from impacted wax and we're going to have a long test to determine whether there's damage to his left ear as well as the right. His right ear we know has nerve damage.

And I'm questioning myself.

This is one of the first long-term affects from Samuel's chemo. We chose to save his life by killing his cancer with chemo but now here is the consequence... our son will probably be partially deaf. And I know this is just one of the many, many possibilities. One of the many effects and outcomes for Samuel.

And I'm trying to trust God with this. There is hope that he can have hearing aids if both ears are bad. If it's just one ear he will just have to learn to rely on his left "good" ear.

Wrestling with this in my heart. So thankful for his life. So grateful he's here. Trusting God with his hearing and the limitations that he will experience.

Praying for peace.

Boy's Haircuts.

A month Ago the boys all got hair cuts.

Wipe Out

After Bowling. Everyone was wiped out...


AMF has a fun summer program where kids get to bowl for free every day all summer, 2 games a day. You do have to rent bowling shoes. I decided if we bowled every week it was cheaper to buy the kids bowling shoes then to rent them. They've had a great time. This was from the first time.

A Dinner for Summer

I really enjoyed making dinner tonight.
Garden BLT's and a Caprese Salad.
Light and refreshing.

The sandwich was made with toasted bread, olive oil mayo, avacado, vine ripened tomatoes, bacon, spinach salad, and fresh basil.
 The caprese salad I just cut up fresh mozarella, vine ripened tomatoes, and fresh basil. I sprinkled a little sea salt and topped with balsamic vinaigrette.

The Importance of Listening: Hearing Loss, Lifeguard Rescues & tooth Fairy adventures

I guess my life is fairly unusual. I realized it when I was talking to some people at church today and they asked how my summer was going. The words that popped out of my mouth were, "well Ian almost drowned yesterday and Samuel knocked out a tooth. Both within 30 minutes." They looked alarmed. Oh, is that not normal?

We took Samuel to the audiologist on Friday. He had a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG hearing test and it was determined that he has significant hearing loss in his right ear. His left ear also showed significant hearing loss but we need to discover if the wax in his ear is contributing to the significance of the loss. So we will go back at the end of the month and have the ENT (ear, nose, throat) suction out his ear and then re-test the left ear.

On his right side though it's confirmed that there is actual nerve damage (likely due to chemo) that is permanent. Once we determine whether or not both ears are damaged we can go from there. If both are he can probably g…

Life: When Stuff (*X@#!) Hits the Fan & Taking Leaps of Faith

Okay, so the break was nice. Refreshing. Much needed. But here's the thing... things are far from perfect.

Mike wants me to go to the doctor's. I asked why. He asks if I'm serious.
I've been sick for three weeks: cough/cold/sinus issues/sore throat. So maybe he has a point.

I was taking the kids to go see a dollar movie at Regal this morning (Summer Express). The kids were whining and upset the whole way to the movies in the car. I was tempted to cancel the whole trip but a friend was meeting us there with her kids. So I had everything: snacks, water bottles, diapers, etc. I was there on time. And then Libby gets sick. As we were walking to stand in line Libby starts throwing up on the sidewalk for about five minutes. A stupid kid from some day camp yells "Gross! Oh, yuck!" And I yell, "Thank you for stating the obvious. You're not helping!" I was mad. Steamed. Here's my poor sick little girl. And I'm ready to start crying.

So I drop off …