Samuel's test today.

Today we have an appointment for Samuel at CHKD. He's going to get his ears cleaned from impacted wax and we're going to have a long test to determine whether there's damage to his left ear as well as the right. His right ear we know has nerve damage.

Samuel and his calculator

And I'm questioning myself.

This is one of the first long-term affects from Samuel's chemo. We chose to save his life by killing his cancer with chemo but now here is the consequence... our son will probably be partially deaf. And I know this is just one of the many, many possibilities. One of the many effects and outcomes for Samuel.

And I'm trying to trust God with this. There is hope that he can have hearing aids if both ears are bad. If it's just one ear he will just have to learn to rely on his left "good" ear.

Wrestling with this in my heart. So thankful for his life. So grateful he's here. Trusting God with his hearing and the limitations that he will experience.

Praying for peace.


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