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My little guys.

Ian saying "Hi!"
My hero, Debi.
Michael, who is officially now crawling.
Samuel, Samuel
Samuel being silly.
I love rock n'roll.

Bath times are just some of the best times.

A new tradition.

The day after Thanksgiving began a new tradition.

We bought our Christmas tree.

Don't look at me aghast. I know, I know what you're thinking... how could we? Well the other half are thinking so what's the big deal?

It has been an annual tradition since as long as I can remember to purchase our tree on my sister's birthday, December 7th. This was all well and good when she was alive but now that she's gone her birthday is such an emotionally and physically draining day. So this year I planned ahead.

We bought our trees and put on the lights. We hung up our wreath and I've decorated the mantle. We're saving the ornaments for the 7th. I thought it through and realized that I'll have energy for that. Just not the rest of it. The rest is too much. I'm so drained from the day I have nothing to spare.

Our tree is lovely. It's in the kitchen. In fact I need to show you all pictures because it's changed so much over and over again. Mike and …

Happy Thanksgiving! We are grateful for YOU!!!


Broken Record.

Dear Friends,

On days like today I often think of a country song. Not any song in particular it's just that my life sounds like a country song.

Jennifer's Song, country style....

"Our car broke down and our phone's cut off.
I got pink eye... and a nasty cough.
And the twins still have goopy eyes, even with their meds...
but thank God, Thank God, it's time for bed!

We ain't got money to pay our bills.
Ain't got money for the Christmas thrills...
But we got love and some faith too...
We've got Jesus who will carry us through.
Yes, He'll carry us through.

Praying for a job (not one at the mall)
Praying for a job, and maybe insurance too?
praying for God to provide it all
And to help us see from His point of view.

We ain't got money to pay our bills.
Ain't got money for the Christmas thrills...
But we got love and some faith too...
We've got Jesus who will carry us through.
Yes, He'll carry us through."

What do you think? In all seriousness, sometime…

Libby's 5th Birthday party.

Sam W.
Jack W.
The Birthday Girl, Libby
pumpkin cake

candy apple dreaming.
The Caramel Apples.
Ian. Peek-a-boo.
Pumpkin Decorating
Samuel's Pumpkin.
Decorating is Hard Work!
Smooches from Fafie for Ian.
Libby's 5th Birthday Party was so much fun!

We decorated pumpkins and made candy apples. The kids got to put oreo cookies, sprinkles, candy corn or whatever other candy they wanted to on their candy apples. The kids dressed up. Michael and Samuel were both done dressing up. They had had enough. So you will see them without their lion attire. It was a lot of fun.

Libby wanted a fall themed birthday party. This was after a whole year of telling me she wanted a mermaid party. Last minute switcharoo. Well, it was wonderful to see how thankful she was for everything. She wasn't demanding and was very kind to all her party guests. I think all the adults even had a good time.

I made her a "pumpkin" cake. Well, it's supposed to look like a pumpkin...


Fall is here. The leaves dance and swirl around me. The colors are vibrant but most of the trees have shed their leaves. Hot cocoa has become a common drink around the house.

I found my battery charger and was able to charge my camera battery so I could download the pictures- all 1,195 of them! So expect pictures soon!

I'm listening to Robbie Seay right now and enjoying twilight. It's almost dark. The clouds are moving fast. Although I've already done some Christmas shopping it feels to pre-mature... Christmas, already? Well, it's here in a month, isn't it....

I can't believe Thanksgiving is in 4 days! Aagggh. Time. It just keeps going. Passing. Flying. Whether I want it to or not.

My days are so full of ups and downs. Life is going to be good. I keep telling myself that. well, I don't know if life will be good. I do know that my God is good and that He will continue to be good. I will try and snap out of this funk. Thanking my God who loves me in spit…

Got Pierced?

One of the things I did in CA was get my nose pierced (my little sis, Kels, gave it as a gift). I have wanted to do that for over 3 years now. I am so glad I did it. I often regret doing things impulsively but I guess having thought it through as long as I had- I knew I wanted it. It's tiny and discreet. (Like me- ha, ha, ha)

So while I'm working on my novel and listening to the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs.. I thought I'd let you catch a glimpse from Mac's photoshow.

If you hate it, that's okay. Everyone can have their own opinion. Mike likes it... and my dad and grandma didn't have a heart attack. And that's something :)

Thank you Kels. What a treat!

Surrounded by Water.

So, I have all this "catching up" to do. About my trip to California... and being sick and recovering... and going to Santa Monica... and to Magnolia... and to IHOP in the middle of the night. Of meeting Kels' awesome roommates. Of drinking malibu pineapples and girl dance parties in the kitchen. But I'm going to fast forward to today for the moment.

I got myself stranded in the middle of a "lake". The street's name is Lake Drummond, how appropos, hey? I went to run some errands. Primarily Bank, Library, Michael's meds, etc.

I had remembered, in my head, Mike telling me that my Dad said it was safe to go Lake Drummond. The other way is flooded. So with that "knowledge" in mind I set out.

I saw before me a lot of water. In fact in some ways it felt like an ocean... but I proceeded... because if my Dad something's okay... then it's okay! But my dad was talking to Mike about it yesterday at 2 p.m.- I didn't realize/remem…


Well, I've been here in CA for a couple days. Was sick all day yesterday with sever sinus issues and a migraine and ear pain, etc.

The kids apparently are sick in N.C.

Mike's been throwing up in VA.

Hopefully today will be a better day for all of us.

Getting some sunshine.

Kels & Me.
In about 8 hours I'm taking a plane to head to CA. Isn't that amazing? I'm actually having time away from all 4 of my kids! Unfortunately the love of my life isn't accompanying me. It's truly a solo trip. I'm going to be with my adopted little sis Kels. I'm praying for a time of rest and refreshment for both of us. I don't care if we do much of anything. It will be a true pleasure ot spend time with her and also just to enjoy time by myself as well.

Pray for me that I won't be anxious and will trust the Lord with my family while I'm gone. Pray for my family, for their health, in particular Samuel's. His asthma has kicked up. pray for mike that his time alone would be good and refreshing. Pray for the Williams as they watch all our little monkeys.