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Needs, Wants, & Espresso Machines.

It's almost one in the morning. Peter's bouncing up and down in his crib and laughing maniacally. He woke up with a poopie diaper and will not go back to sleep. Thankfully Libby is managing to sleep through this.

I'm winding down on a head/chest cold thing I've had on and off for a few weeks. I think I'm really on the other end... this time. Yay. And then I just got hit with a sudden tummy problem and am now well... you don't need the details. So I'm waiting this whole thing out. For my tummy to settle and for Peter to fall asleep.

Mike has men's breakfast (with church) tomorrow and so I will be handling the crew... and I'm hoping that the remaining hours I have left uninterrupted will be good sleep.

I've been reading this book called "Gotta Have It: Freedom from Wanting Everything RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW." There's a lot I can say about it. So much I want to delve into but I'm going to try to limit it to a particular epiphany I h…

Being a tooth fairy.

Libby's been losing teeth left and right as of late. And just this past week Samuel has not just lost his first tooth but his second as well. My oldest two are starting to look like jack-o-lanterns.

I try to be excited when they lose teeth but I must confess... part of me is sad. They're growing up. They're losing their BABY teeth. In addition the very nature of this leads me to play another role: The Tooth Fairy.

I try to diligently remember to find the tooth and replace it with a dollar but sometimes it's not always smooth. I've had issues with finding the tooth. Sometimes it's rolled off the bed or got caught in the sheets. One time, Libby awoke in the morning with her dollar in hand and brings me the missing tooth. "Mommy, the fairy forgot the tooth." I promise to get it to her, because after all the tooth fairy and I have connections.

Another time Libby couldn't find her dollar or her tooth and was quite hysterical. I had put the dollar there…

New Year and being made new...

Hello. Happy New Year. I've not written recently because I've been very busy. Mike put in a 70 hour work-week last week. This was a "one time" deal and it was intense. Mike would leave after Libby, Samuel and Michael were on the bus and often wouldn't get home til after 9. I felt a taste of being a single Mom. My respect and appreciation for Single Mom's and Navy wives has gone through the roof. Ladies, I don't know how you do it.

Samuel needed to go to the doctor's. He was having an asthma flare up. In addition he was complaining of foot pain. Okay, he was screaming about foot pain to be accurate. So to be on the safe side the doctor ordered an x-ray. Thankfully we completed that in enough time so that I could get home and pick up Michael from the bus.

As crazy as the week was it was also refreshing and sweet. I tried to keep things as simple as I could. We had frozen pizza for dinner twice :) Homework was done. Kids got meds.

In addition to the regu…