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Dentist & Wrestling.

I'm getting ready to go to the dentist. Which as I'm sure it does for most people my heart rate is getting a little higher. BUT I am so thankful that I can get two major cavities taken care of. Thanks Mom and Dad N. for my birthday present!

It's especially great I can get this done in my second trimester. It's very important to get this dealt with sooner than later. Especially because the cavity (bacteria) could get to the baby.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

I'm finding myself trying to work through some things. Been wrestling with God lately. Feeling very unwell a lot of the time. Very discouraged and very overwhelmed. I'm tempted to feel like a bad mom, wife, home-maker, friend, etc. YET, I know it's not about what I've done, am doing, or are going to do. My hope comes from Christ... and in His perfect work. So I have to rest in that. AND I have to BELIEVE that He's enough.

I'm tempted to add more. I'm tempted to believe I should be perfect. I should h…

Some days you feel like a nut...

I think motherhood can leave you some days a little crazy. Okay, most days are crazy. Kids are throwing tantrums. They're sweet. They're busy. They have tons of energy. They need food. They need baths. They need diaper changes. They need to go sit on the potty.

Some days I don't feel like my head ever stops spinning.

Enjoy this. It won't last forever. Soon they'll be graduating and moving out. I gotta remind myself of those things... especially after being swatted by a toddler, or finding another flip-flop in the toilet, or cleaning up the remains of lunch, breakfast, and dinner off the floor.

Okay. Off to comfort a crying toddler.


Some days are days for tears. Yesterday was one of those days. Much crying. Much heartache. I know this will pass. Holding onto hope for other days to come. I think I cried more yesterday than I have in the past year or two.

I had breakfast with a dear friend today. It was a balm to my heart.

I also had the opportunity to look at the multitude of posts people left on my Facebook wall for my birthday. It was encouraging to be reminded that people love and know me and care. and that I do affect people.

Sometimes in my small little world of home life I forget that other people even know who I am. But they do. I am blessed.

So though I'm tired and weary I know this will pass. I know that God will be faithful and true... even when my emotions say otherwise.

So, for now.... tired, teary and trusting.


Yesterday was my first doctor's appointment. I'm almost 18 weeks along. The baby looks good. We coul see the heart and brain and spine. We also saw something else.... so we know we're having another BOY!!!

Under Construction.

My amazing dad and brother had to create a way to have the end of the driveway paved. They built all these cool ditches and installed pipes and all sorts of stuff that I have no idea of what I'm talking about. Libby and Samuel had a great time watching and "helping" Gwampa and Uncle Ker-Ker (Christopher).

Boating with Grandpa.

Libby and Samuel had a great time taking a boat ride with their "Gwampa".

Twice Two.

I had intended to have a big party for the boys Second Birthdays. Thankfully we didn't. That day was when Libby got violently ill and had to go to the hospital. The Lord knew what was best. I still intended to have a party for them but it hasn't happened. Hopefully they won't complain in the future about it. I don't think this will ruin their lives :) We did have a time of cake and presents... and goodness, they're just two!

Easter 2010.

Grandma, the Easter Bunny.

We had a wonderful Easter this year. We went to my aunt and uncle's new home. One of the highlights for the kids, which should be no surprise, was the Easter Egg Hunt. Ian did NOT like getting the eggs. He just wanted to eat the candy inside. Libby on the other hand gathered as many as she could!

Dying eggs.

My original way I had planned on posting my pregnancy was this. I had planned on showing you all the names of my children on their dyed eggs and then adding this last one. Cute idea, huh? Too bad this is coming several months too late.

We had so much fun dying eggs. The kids loved it.


At the end of the March we experienced a lot of rain which left us with a lot of puddles... so naturally, we had to explore. Everyone ended up soaked by the end and bath time was necessary immediately following the hopping, skipping, and jumping.

Libby and Michael.
me and Ian. (Oh boy, they're going to need baths after this!)
hop, skip, jump
aleya and michael.

Libby + Samuel=Best Friends.