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Word on the Word?

What is your favorite passage in the Bible? It could be a source of encouragment, a life verse, some wisdom you live by, etc.

When I was younger it was Jeremiah 29:11 and later became Zephaniah 3:17. I now take delight in a lot of Scripture. For any of you who know me well that's nothing short of a miracle! God's Word was death to me after my sister died. It felt like mockery. I could read the Psalms but little else. God has carried me through to a different place, one where His Word brings refreshment and encouragement. I pray this is the place you're in. If you're not- hang in there. God is not afraid of your anger, hurt and honesty. He is the ONE who showed Himself to Job. It's when you meet God, be with Him, that's what changes things, not the words that everyone wants to give you or the verses they shove down your throat. For me I know truly that my boundaries have fallen in pleasant places! (Psalm 16:6) But do remember Psalm 147:3 He is the…

Before I leave.

We will be heading out later this morning to go to Virginia Beach. We are having a family reunion on Saturday down at Sandbridge. It should be a lot of fun.

This past week I have had the pleasure of having my friend Alexis come visit. I look forward to showing you some pictures later but for now I must pack up and go.

Look forward to updating you all soon!


Okay, It wil be another hour and a half til it's technically Friday. I thought, heck, risk a little, get startled early. Better early than late, right?

So here's what I want to know. If you could recommend one book for me to read what would it be. The Bible is too obvious. I already am reading it :) I want book titles, please! It could be about anything: relational, finances, novel, biography, parenting, cooking, etc.

The only limit is this. You can't use a title that somebody has already listed. Okay, go!

And if you just CAN'T list one, then list more than one. Don't let the idea of just one book bog you down!


John and David, Mike's brothers came for a visit. We had a great time with them. They have both been such a blessing to our lives and I am thankful that I got to grow up with them. I've known them since I was 13. David was just a boy of 8, John was my age and Mike was the older and intimidating 15 year old. I never knew that David and John would become my brothers but I am so grateful for the precious gift that God has given me in them. I love and respect them so much. Through the years I think our friendships have grown deeper and I rejoice that God has not only given me dear brother-in-laws but also great friends!

Please post below to encourage Mike (at How He loves Me). And you can also check out our 4th of July below (posted late).

The Thing about Target.

Okay the truth is that I'm putting off exercising at the moment. Looking for an excuse I guess... but I will keep this short so that I will exercise. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. Anyway, I don't know if you have this problem but I have a problem when I see red little stickers. Specifically red little stickers while I'm in Target. It means that the item is on sale. That's a dangerous thing. Because the item could be ugly, it could serve me no purpose whatsoever but for some reason those stinkin' marketing people know that all they need to do is put a red sticker and I'm hooked. I look and re-look and evaluate the product. Lately my prayer has been when I walk in the store, "Lord, help me buy only what we truly need." I mean, I do have legitimate needs for my family, like diapers or toilet paper, etc. But those legitimate needs don't look like stationary or crafting supplies or that amazing new kitchen gadget. Aaaggghhhh.…

Sleeping beauty.

After much obsession and talk we took Libby to ride on the carousel. I had made the innocent mistake one day of going to the mall and walking by the carousel. And she saw it. The horses. And she wanted to ride one so bad that for the next several days she hounded me about "ride the horse". So, after saying goodbye to Mike's dear brothers we packed up and moved on to the mall where Libby could have her first carousel experience. It was such a fun day. Breakfast with John and David. The mall- including the carousel, starbucks, and bath and body works.

Mike helped some friends move. I got to talk to my dear, dear friend Sara, my Swedish sister for a couple hours! And then our friends David and Tosha came over and brought us some yummy Chinese. I made strawberry shortcake for dessert... super yum.

But I had to show this picture of the day. It was after the mall and Libby wasn't really taking a nap. So I let her stay up while I was on the phone with Sara. Af…



How He Loves Me, Let Me Count The Ways.

I was thinking in light of last week's question of how I could romance and bless my honey and a thought occurred to me. I could praise him publicly. Well, I can put it out on my blog and you "the public" can read it. And to you dear public, would you please post a comment for Mike. It could just be an encouraging comment or something you appreciate or are thankful for about him. My hope is for him to feel loved and know how special he is to me and others.

Mike has always been an amazing man. When we were courting he would write me romantic notes. We would study at IHOP together. He would call me daily while I was in China teaching English... and when I came home (from China) he had gift certificates for a massage and pedicure at a luxurious spa. Mike would always do things big and small for no reason in particular and would make special days extra special. My first birthday when we were a couple I turned 22 and he had 22 little presents for me. The best present of the day…

Savings anyone?

Are your juices going... ready set, answer.

What are some practical ways to save money, spend less, etc? In other words, what is your best money tip?

go for it.

How we spent our 4th.

the 4th of July was a great day for our family. We started it off right with blueberry pancakes and 4th of July outfits. Libby's shirt said "All American Sweetie" and Samuel's said something about, "Rockets are red, firecracers are blue, the 4th is fun, cuz I'm with you." I need to look at the outfit itself... hmmm, what is blue? We went to the Andrews' home that afternoon with some friends of our ours from Westminster. There were several couples from Westminster and it was enjoyable to see familiar and new faces. We grilled out and the weather was beautiful. Libby and Samuel were loving it. Libby especially loved coming in and out of the house, banging their porch door. The Andrews live on a "cottage" off of a mansion. I am not lying when I say it as a mansion. The home (worth 5 million) is massive and is surrounded by the most beautiful grounds thanks to the devotion and hard work of Joel Andrews. Joel oversees the grounds and t…

Lifestyles of the Wretch and Frantic.

Hello dear friends. Do you ever have one of those days where you find yourself never finishing anything you started and walking into rooms of unfinished tasks. That was my day. The kids and I were so SLEEPY today. It was like somebody slipped us something. We didn't get out of bed until 9 a.m. and were back in bed just after 11. Crazy, huh? I think maybe we were worn out from yesterday's gallavanting.

So I woke up from my nap. I had fallen asleep around noon and woke up at 1:45. I came downstairs and realized I had missed a half dozen calls from my honey. I needed to e-mail his parents about a favor they were doing for us. So in the midst of this Libby wakes up. I walk into the kitchen and start laughing. I had left the dishwasher door open intending to put detergent in it and had forgotten. and I needed to get Libby milk. Samuel was crying in his crib... he had just waken up. I'm trying to type this e-mail and Libby is begging me to watch "Kipper" …

It's all Greek to Me.

Um, I mean Hebrew. It's all Hebrew. Right now Mike is in the midst of Hebrew. He's got pages spread all over the kitchen table and I hear him mumbling under his breath. No he's not swearing. He's speaking Hebrew. Mike is an AMAZING student. He's diligent and hard-working and I am so PROUD of him. You should see the focused look on his face. A couple more months and I might have part of my honey back... we'll see. Right now though this is where it's at... and where it should be.

He still will take time to restle and snuggle the kids. He still takes care of us and meets our needs in addition to making straight A's. For example, tonight he let me have a night out... where I went to Target, Michael's Arts and Crafts and Barnes and Noble sans les infant (without the kiddos). I worked on my writing, an article about fear of man. Also I found the cutest little mini-album of Tinkerbell. I'm going to use it to put pictures of my Libby Anne H…

Potty Talk.

The Ring of Power.

I'm not trying to talk dirty. I'm just talking about life right now in the Napier household. The hot word on the street right now is "potty". Libby has been talking a lot about the potty. She talks about what you do on the potty... and how she wants to be on the potty... and the ultimate... of what happens when you "go" on the potty. It means a dark chocolate M&M and big girl underpants. I haven't tried to push this on her. It's her interest at the moment. The problem seems to be is I don't know if she knows when she needs to go on the potty. So right now we have a potty ring she sits on morning and night... and some fabulous hello kitty underwear.

Stay tuned... there might be more potty talk to come!

It's Friday...

You know what that means. Get your creative juices flowing. Here is my question I pose to you...

What creative, inexpensive ways can I romance my honey?

You don't need to be married or even have a boyfriend. And if you're a guy then think of what you think would be nice for Mike. I'll take any ideas you have. Next week is extra stressful for him and I'd like to doing something loving and romantic everyday next week and I'm looking for some ideas.

Please any little or big ideas are welcome!


Early Intervention.

An answer to prayers. Yesterday we had a team from early intervention come over and do an assessment on Samuel. He did a great job by the way and they were amazed at his sweetness and joy and his curiosity. He was quick to do everything that they wanted him to do. Play with certain toys. Pull himself up to standing. Etc. Etc.

He is going to be receiving speech therapy weekly and physical therapy monthly! I am so excited. This means they'll teach me different exercises to do with him, to help him get stronger and walk. He'll also be working on more verbal skills as well as eating. Apparently he still has very "babyish" ways of eating. This gives me hope that it's not just me having a hard time with certain foods.

Thank you Jesus!
Some wedding pictures. My cousin Sharon and her husband Marc. My cousin and I. Mike looked totally hot! Samuel and I are dancing. He was my first dance for the evening. I'll post some more when I'm at home. Libby danced the whole evening and yelled everytime we took her off the floor. Thankfully I had some pretty gracious relatives willing to swing her around!

On the Road Again.

Actually we just got back from being on the road again! We went up to Boston this week-end. Left Friday came back today (Sunday). We had traveled up to Boston, MA for my cousin Sharon's (Owcarski-from MA) wedding. It was a great trip. Well, the traveling wasn't so fun but being there was GREAT! Friday we had an appointment with the geneticist (for Samuel). It was an early start. I had to get the car packed for the trip, the house in order, the kids fed and dressed, drop Mike off at Hebrew class and drive to CHOP (the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia). We get there pack the car and take the 4th floor to Genetics. Well, it was the wrong genetics dept. He needed Nephrology (still don't know what that means). So, after a long wait we meet with the doctor. The kids have been doing great and have been cheerful and it wasn't until Samuel started getting examined that he started screaming. Libby is singing and talking her head off. Samuel is screaming lik…