Please post below to encourage Mike (at How He loves Me). And you can also check out our 4th of July below (posted late).


Anonymous said…
Jen, I sent some comments below under the one you did for Mike.
We love you all.... can't wait to see you.
Anonymous said…
What a great time for you all. I have to say that being with all of you, including the such a blessing and I know that it is really fun to be with the sibs sans poppa and mama to really talk and laugh about the days when........and what mom and dad didn't know about. So Yeah for your wonderful memory making time and so thankful that Dave and John were able to come up to see you all. Jen, they raved and kept talking about your excellent cooking skills......Napoleanese...You are a wonderful wife, mom, sister, daughter, and friend. God has made you so very special ....... and Mike, Libby and Samuel are the cheif beneficiaries of your sweet, loving and kind ways..........Thanks for loving our son and the rest of us to boot.....We love you all and are sending Big Hugs and Kisses........mwaaaa (KISS) Faf

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