On the Road Again.

Actually we just got back from being on the road again! We went up to Boston this week-end. Left Friday came back today (Sunday). We had traveled up to Boston, MA for my cousin Sharon's (Owcarski-from MA) wedding. It was a great trip. Well, the traveling wasn't so fun but being there was GREAT! Friday we had an appointment with the geneticist (for Samuel). It was an early start. I had to get the car packed for the trip, the house in order, the kids fed and dressed, drop Mike off at Hebrew class and drive to CHOP (the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia). We get there pack the car and take the 4th floor to Genetics. Well, it was the wrong genetics dept. He needed Nephrology (still don't know what that means). So, after a long wait we meet with the doctor. The kids have been doing great and have been cheerful and it wasn't until Samuel started getting examined that he started screaming. Libby is singing and talking her head off. Samuel is screaming like he's being tortured instead of just having his head measured and his feet looked at, etc. Special times. Then there is lab work ups.... that's where the "trouble" begins.

We have to wait for 20 min. to check out because the lady in front of me is yelling at the lady helping her about her insurance. Finally another woman at the counter turns to me and says, "oh, are you checking out?" I smile and nod. Another 20 min. later we bring the paperwork to the lab desk. We wait for 40 min. Finally we are seen. I literally had to hold Samuel down for 45 minutes as it takes three tries to draw blood from him. The average IV usually takes an hour and a half so this wasn't too bad. I'm near tears at this point. We had been at CHOP for 4 hours. I'm tired, hungry, and crazy. The kids are starved (did I mention they posted a "no eating" sign in every room we were in! We drive and pick up Mike, drive-through for lunch and then head to MA.

Well, our 5 and a half hours became 8 hours. I thought we would leave around noon when Mike was out of class but it wasn't until 2:30 due to my extended pleasurable stay at CHOP. Disappointment set in quick. My visions of eating a relaxed dinner and taking a dip in the pool was replaced with horrible traffic, screaming children and bad attitudes. And who had the worst attitude you may wonder? Yours truly. I was rotten. It wasn't until the end of the trip that I realized I had been repeatedly hurting my husband with my unkind comments and was just being an overall self-centered brat. I was saddened when I looked at my behavior during the trip... I had made it all about me. I was putting myself first above my husband and my kids. I didn't care about their needs or frustrations or concerns just that I wasn't already there yet.

The rest of the trip really did go well though. I asked for forgiveness and when we arrived at the hotel my parents, my aunts and uncle and cousins were waiting in the lobby. Yep, 10:30 at night and they were there to greet us and help us with the kids and getting stuff from the car, etc.

Mike was my hero for the week-end though! He held Samuel during the wedding and took him to the lobby when he got fussy. He made sure the kids were doing well and that I was well taken care of. He was sweet and obliging and had such a good attitude about meeting people he didn't know and that were not really "his family." We did have fun at the pool at the hotel. We had a great time dancing at the reception...and I just have to continue to say, my husband was amazing. I often have a bad attitude when it comes to doing something I don't want to do, but he instead layed down his life for me and really did this week-end for me. I am a very blessed woman.

We just got in less than an hour ago and now it's time to unwind and hit the sack. Samuel screamed a good portion of the trip back. It's nice to have some solitude right now and peace and quiet... and to sleep in my own bedroom with no little chickadees in the room.

Can't wait to post some pics!


Wendy said…
Ok, Jenn, I can totally relate to the screaming baby and dr/hospital/specialist visits! I am aching for/with you every step of the way. We have our own war stories so know my lesson learned- bundle up in prayer, take more than you think you will need and plan for longer than it should take:-)
Ashleigh said…
Glad to hear you enjoyed the wedding. Looking forward to seeing pics!

I noticed you're reading Writer Mama. I saw that at Barnes and Noble. Is it any good? Does it have helpful advice?

Also, I still haven't finished that Motherhood book you asked me about. I got distracted. When I do, I'll let you know if it's worth reading.
Jennifer said…
Wendy- thanks for your understanding! I've seen over 5 or 6 TYPES of specialists for Samuel. Aaagghh.. and they want him to see a neurologist for a few tests. He's fine developmentally... just some more tests (hopefully just for kicks!)

Ashleigh- Writer Mama. I love it. It's been helpful and encouraging and I've been doing the exercises, etc. I'm actually on my way to Barnes and Noble to read it and do some writing. I think you would enjoy it too!


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