Sleeping beauty.

After much obsession and talk we took Libby to ride on the carousel. I had made the innocent mistake one day of going to the mall and walking by the carousel. And she saw it. The horses. And she wanted to ride one so bad that for the next several days she hounded me about "ride the horse". So, after saying goodbye to Mike's dear brothers we packed up and moved on to the mall where Libby could have her first carousel experience. It was such a fun day. Breakfast with John and David. The mall- including the carousel, starbucks, and bath and body works.

Mike helped some friends move. I got to talk to my dear, dear friend Sara, my Swedish sister for a couple hours! And then our friends David and Tosha came over and brought us some yummy Chinese. I made strawberry shortcake for dessert... super yum.

But I had to show this picture of the day. It was after the mall and Libby wasn't really taking a nap. So I let her stay up while I was on the phone with Sara. After the phone conversation I let her watch Dumbo while eating her yogurt. She was in her high chair so I went off to do dishes. It must have been a busy day becaus this is how I found her.


Bethany said…
Jennifer, thank you so much for the card!!! You made my day. It was so thoughtful and sweet. Thanks for your compassion and your encouragement and most importantly your prayers. I know that Adelee and I were much prayed for that week I could feel it even in our distress and trial. There were hard times but I always felt God's care for me. Thank you so much. And can I say I cannot even imagine what you went through with Samuel. I suffered so much in 1 week I can only begin to think what 5 weeks felt like. You are a trooper. Obviously you have taken what you went through and used it to learn and encourage others going through similar trials. That is such a great way to respond to difficulties and use them to God's glory. Thank you Jennifer!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Hi Jen!
I received my package yesterday...what a surprise! I will treasure it forever. Thank you so much for sending it. Libby was always so thoughtful. She will always be loved and missed. Thanks again!
Love, Nadine

p.s. Sharon has gotten me hooked on reading people's blogs. HA! :)
Jenn said…
Looks like some fun times! I love your blog and reading of all the adventures of the Napier family! Love Jenn

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