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Why I'm tired...


Her new do.

I forgot to mention that Libby had a haircut recently ... isn't it cute?!

loving the fall.

I used to love the summer. I was not a fall girl... but that has changed over the years. I love the crisp smell of the leaves in Autumn. I attribute the magical smell to a combination of the magical changing colors of the leaves themselves and the cool brisk air that flows around me. And now we are getting closer to winter. I am about to bid adieu to the fall and press into the holidays...

Here's my version of the autumn:

My 4-year old.

I never got a chance to post Libby's 4th princess birthday party in October. So here are some pics. It was a wonderful day!

Baby Bug & Baby Bee.


Our family.

This was our first ever family picture. meaning that all 6 of us were in the picture. It was taken Halloween night. The twins were a bumble bee & ladybug. Samuel was superman and Libby was Belle (as in Disney Princess, Beauty and the Beast). And me, well, I was an adventure girl. One of the daring duo. The adventure girls are Alexis and myself. That's what we refer to ourselves as.... because we always seem to have one adventure or another. She's my mommy's helper I can't live without. In fact when Mike's gone to Colorado next week-end she will be spending the night on Saturday in order to help me get the kids to church Sunday morning. So we had these crazy pink shirts that have iron-on letters that say adventure girls and our hair in pig-tail buns. I was wearing my nursing cover as a cape. (You know super-mama style.) And glitter on the face. Yeah, wild and crazy.

Michael's bumble bee hat fell off. Oh and Mike dressed up as the super-hot ac…


Mike's grandfather, Papaw John, just passed away this past Monday. Mike will be flying on Thanksgiving Day to be with his family and attend the Memorial service. We are sad at his passing but thankful that he is no longer suffering but is with Jesus and free of pain.

Below is a the newspaper obituary about Papaw.

Born in Roda,Virginia. Corporal U.S. Army, WWII the Alutian Campaign. John was a police officer in Tennessee, an actor of both stage and screen, and a senior financial executive for a major corporation. John attened New Life Church and was a Trustee there for 15 years. He was an election judge for El Paso county for 10 years. He was a member of the Screen Actor's Guild and Toastmasters Club.
He is survived by his wife Mary Machin Napier, son: Sandy Napier, Daughters: Anne Grant-Tenorio and Allison Whitaker, 9 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren, and Papaw John to many.

The Internment will be held at 2:00pm on Friday, November 28, 2008 at the Fort Logan National …