Our family.

This was our first ever family picture. meaning that all 6 of us were in the picture. It was taken Halloween night. The twins were a bumble bee & ladybug. Samuel was superman and Libby was Belle (as in Disney Princess, Beauty and the Beast). And me, well, I was an adventure girl. One of the daring duo. The adventure girls are Alexis and myself. That's what we refer to ourselves as.... because we always seem to have one adventure or another. She's my mommy's helper I can't live without. In fact when Mike's gone to Colorado next week-end she will be spending the night on Saturday in order to help me get the kids to church Sunday morning. So we had these crazy pink shirts that have iron-on letters that say adventure girls and our hair in pig-tail buns. I was wearing my nursing cover as a cape. (You know super-mama style.) And glitter on the face. Yeah, wild and crazy.

Michael's bumble bee hat fell off. Oh and Mike dressed up as the super-hot academic that I'm in love with.
I love my family.


Anonymous said…
cute picture! can't wait to see you at thanksgiving! xo -em
Ashleigh said…
Colorado ... that's our neck of the woods. :-)

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