Monday, November 03, 2008


Mikes parents recently got us zoo passes for our whole family for a year. (Thanks for our early Christmas present!) We've loved it! We've already been twice and can't wait to just keep going and going and going.

I love passes. They make you feel like you can spend as long (or as short) as you want and it's not a waste of money. So if the kids are too crazy we can leave... instead of "You know what?! We spent a lot of money to come here so we're going to stay 3 more hours and get our money's worth even though you're having a melt-down now!" Know what I mean?

So I'm excited. It's wonderful to just come and look at a section or wander around and let the kids be kids. And have time to just be. And look at giraffes. And fall in love with prairie dogs. And enjoy the elephants. Etc. You get the point. Now, what most of you really want... the pictures.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures.....wonderful and so happy that you all are enjoying the zoo. The kids, big and little look like they were having fun.
Again, Jen, your photography is wonderful. Love the still lifes and the wiggly lifes.

Katherine M. said...

Hi Jennifer. I recently got to go to the zoo with Rebekah, Duncan, and Fiona. I was surprised by how beautiful it is, and it seems to be a nice size especially if you have little children.
I had heard stories on the news about a number of accident there(animals dying unnaturally)that made me think it might not be such a great place. I was wrong about it, though, and really enjoyed it.
I agree with your mom. Your pictures are wonderful.
Hugs and see you soon!

Natasha said...

great photography skillS, those pctures look great!

Ashleigh said...

How fun! My parents bought us a zoo pass here too and we love it!

Les said...

Don't you love how close the giraffe's are? We got a pass a few weeks ago too!

Beth said...

Hi Jennifer,
I'm not sure I have commented before on your blog, but I started reading right after the twins were born and kept up so I could pray for you and hear how the boys were doing. Plus I enjoy your writing style :-).
Our family is one of the ones that moved to Denver from VB, and I was compelled to write because of one thing you said..."fall in LOVE with prairie dogs". It was such a shock to read as those words are not usually heard in these parts when referring to those vermin....umm... I mean... little animals. May I suggest you never move out west if you care to keep that perspective.
Glad to see how great the twins are looking!

Anonymous said...

Love these pics. So precious. Beautiful. What a lovely family! :)