playground parting.

All is well until I say those fateful words, "it's time to go home."


Anonymous said…
Okay, so I know he's disappointed and having a bad attitude but I love his pouty face in the second shot. He's so "hurt" by your betrayal...making him go home. :)

He makes me smile.

Anonymous said…
Ya gotta love his love of the Great Outdoors......a Man's Man to be for sure.
Hope he'll want to play guitar or drums to join up with the Napier Band.......Yah...Jen, Libby and I can be the groupies.
love ya,
Keep up the good work
Anonymous said…

I hope the"boys", aka the twins will join in too.
love ya
Ginger said…
this makes me laugh! Its so sad to leave a lpeasent place isnt it? There was a time when Reid cried EVEYTIME we left. Is our home SO terrible??

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