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Amy took these pics of Ian about a week ago. ~Michelle

Tired Women Tells All.

You know you're tired when...-you walk into the men's bathroom and don't even realize it's the men's until you spot your husband.
-you call up your son's nursery team and they answer, "Hello.  Team One." and your respond, "Hello, team one. Ooops.  I mean, I know YOUR name is not team one..."
-you eat ice-cream for breakfast.

Okay, I'm tired people.  But I'm guessing that's not a big shocker :)
Michael is off his nasal canula and is breathing room air now!  No assistance.  He is doing well with it except when it comes to feeds and then he tends to desat. (drop on his oxygen levels a bit)
Ian is doing two bottle feeds a day.  I get to nurse him as well but am finding it's really hard to get him to wake up... but he's got a really hearty cry when he does.
Mike is leaving for PA tomorrow morning.  I'm in denial and not really thinking about it.  It's his last week of classes though and that's a comfort.  He will have to…

Good New, Bad News, and Trusting God.

Good News: Today was my second day of breast-feeding Ian.  He really is doing GREAT!  He's regulating his temperature now on his own.  He's doing well with nursing.  He's got a good latch and nurses... he just keeps falling asleep... which is really quite sweet to watch.  
They're hoping tomorrow to take Michael off oxygen completely!  His feeds (through a feeding tube) are increasing.  He looks so much better every day.  Mike held him for a long time today while I nursed Ian.
Great News: My Aunt JoAnne had received a second opinion from John's Hopkins.  With that opinion they wanted to have her do another bone marrow biopsy... and the news is in!  She does NOT have what the first opinion stated.  The first diagnosis was that she had a median (average) life expectancy of a year and she had a very serious cancer of the blood.  John's Hopkins says she does not have that.  She is in a pre-leukemia state and will monthly have her blood checked.  Praise God!  This is …

Chocolate Girls.

Chocolate lovers unite.  Libby and I have been enjoying some chocolate as of late.  We ate ice-cream before I had the boys.  She literally licked her bowl clean.  Mmm... something sweet to eat and precious time with my girl.  Gotta enjoy the girl time because our world is getting dominated by the boys in our lives!  We love them though!


I was realizing I never posted any of our Easter pics.  So just wanted to show you some of our day.

a quick hi.

Hey friends, so this is the first time I've been able to post in what feels like forever. But it's not really forever. It's really been quite a week. The boys are doing well and are both making daily improvements. Michael is on a nasal canula now instead of the c-pap and Ian is actually eating from a bottle (as of yesterday). Ian gets one bottle a day and I get to start breast-feeding him tomorrow. That's exciting.

I feel like super-woman in that I like to try to do stuff. the day after I got home from the hospital I thought it would be okay to go to the zoo... um, not. Thankfully it was raining so it wasn't an option. I did get to go to IHOP with Kelsey and Libby and then we went and saw the boys. Kelsey left yesterday... sad.

I also am a seriously hormonal crazy woman right now. Michael has a cleft palate and will at some point need surgery. But that's later not now... don't ask me about it... I have no details. I just know that it will be diff…

Going Home

Jennifer is definitely going home today. The boys, however, will be staying in the hospital so they can continue to be monitored and receive some extra attention.

As you know, Michael was moved off the ventilator and onto c-pap (a step in the right direction), but he has been agitated and uncomfortable today and fighting the c-pap. They are doing an eco-cardiogram on his heart and an x-ray (not entirely sure what these were for, Jennifer didn't say). Both Michael and Ian are under photo-therapy for their jaundice (common in preemies).

Mike plans to stay in Virgina this week so that he and Jennifer can visit the boys daily. Next week, if the boys are still in the hospital, he will head back to Pennsylvania to finish up his last regular week of school (finals are the week after that). Jennifer expressed that he is so close to the end, and asked that everyone pray for him.


A gift from a friend

(Jennifer speaking here) ~M

I was blessed today with a special surprise from my friend Ashleigh. Mike came to the hospital with a package from my friend in Colorado. She had made the boys 2 gorgeous quilts. Just wanted to show you!

After Shots

And here are the "after's" (Isn't that last one the sweetest thing you've ever seen?!) ~Michelle

Before Shots

Jennifer asked me to post these pics for you. Some before and after shots. :) Here are the "before's". ~Michelle

The words of the new mom herself

Jennifer wrote this and asked me to post it for her. ~Michelle

Today has been a much better day. Michael was extibated successfully! This means he is no longer using a ventilator! He's still on a C-pap which helps push oxygen into his system but doesn't need a machine to actually breath for him. Ian has a feeding tube but this is better than not eating. His next step will be to eat from a bottle.

My milk came in! I'm so excited because now when I pump I'm actually producing something for them! I'm getting a lot already! I've been drinking liter after liter of water! Which means I go to the bathroom a LOT!

They removed the bandage today and I was able to take a shower. I feel so much better. I can't explain the difference between today and the past several days. Before I was so irritable and felt like my skin was crawling, I was hyper-hormonal, and feeling exhausted. Today I feel a little more refreshed and balanced and almost human again!

Libby got to see Ian &…

A new day

It's a new day over there at Norfolk General. Ian is off all oxygen and breathing on his own! (Yeah!)

Michael is doing better as well. He is still intubated but only receiving room oxygen. He just needs a little bit of help forcing the air in his lungs to keep them open. Today they are working on slowly weaning him from the ventilator.

Yesterday when I saw Jennifer she looked like a sleepy mix of drugged and exhausted. That was before she was able to see the boys though. After she was wheeled back to see her sons for the first time, she appeared rejuvenated and more herself.

She is still struggling with pain though -- counting down the hours until her next dose of medication. Though she was able to sleep last night and is on solid food and walking, she said the pain is "bad".

I've been printing your comments and bringing them up to the hospital. They are feeling your love and appreciate it!


As promised

Though the photographer in me wants to wait until I capture the perfect, unrushed, shot of these sweet little guys, I don't want to make you wait any longer.

Ian Christoph

Michael MacLeod


Prayer for Michael

So it appears that Michael MacLeod isn't doing as well as everyone first thought.

He continued having trouble breathing to the point where it became necessary to intubate him. The process of intubation was a bit rough... it took a while to get adjust the gasses, etc properly.

He's currently stable and they are treating him with Cerfectan to coat the inside of his lungs. This will continue for 4-6 hours at which point they will decide if he will need to be transferred to the NICU (Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit) at CHKD (the local childrens hospital right next door to the hospital they are in now).

Updates to follow...


They're here!

Well, Mike made it in the knick of time to be with Jennifer as their sons came into the world via c-section.

Ian Christop made his debut at 4:24am weighing 5lbs 2.8oz

Michael MacLeod joined him 3 minutes later weighing 4lbs 6.9oz.

Both guys measured 17.25 inches long.

The babies are doing well. They're on positive air pressure to help them breath but as of right now they just need a bit of extra air and attention. (Whoo Hooo!)

Jennifer had a bit of a rough time as the spinal began wearing off toward the end of the surgery (Ouch!) but is currently resting well with the assistance of Morphine. Mike is tired (poor guy).

I'll try to get some pictures up later today....


Is tonight the night?

It's me, Michelle, posting on behalf of our friend Jennifer who just called asking me to share some news for her...

Jennifer is in the hospital with contractions again. They are 2-3 minutes apart and stronger than they have been these past few weeks.

The Doctors have checked her cervix and she's measuring 2cm dilated. They are unsure, but her water may have broken.

They are currently treating her via IV, giving her Procardia to stop the contractions, however, if they don't stop, they will do a c-section tonight!


Suzi and Sharon are with her now. Mike is driving down from PA. Kelsey is with the kids.

Jennifer specifically asked for prayer that Mike would make it to the hospital before the c-section (if that happens tonight).

She also mentioned that she feels unprepared.

So... is tonight the night those active little boys make their way into the world? I'll keep ya updated!


Hubba, Hubba.

Well folks, I went to the doctor's yesterday and had an ultrasound. Baby A is weighing 4 pounds, 11 oz! baby b is 4 pounds, 15 oz! Hubba, hubba. The boys are measuring 75% in comparison with a singleton pregnancy! Can you believe it? The doctor was so excited and encouraging. She's amazed I've come this far. She wants to take me off the contraction medicine in a couple of weeks. Wow. I'm praying to make it through Mike's finals. I have a feeling he's going to finish the last one and my water is going to break or something :) Right now baby a is breach and baby b is vertex- c-section. I know the positions could change. I've been praying that if I need a c-section that it would be that I just have to have one... no option... like the way they're positioned now. I'd really only like to deliver vaginally if they're both vertex (head down)... otherwise you can have a vaginal birth and caesarean... yikes. Not fun.

Samuel broke Mike'…

Good News!

I had been meaning to mention that my Aunt Jo received some good news last week. She had a second opinion at John's Hopkins. Her situation is not as dire as we had first thought. I don't know how to explain it all exactly but I am so thankful that there is a lot more HOPE in this situation. We will be continuing to pray though and ask God for healing. Mike and I are considering storing the boys' cord blood as a potential help for stem cell needs. I just wanted you all to know and thank you for your prayers and ask you to continue praying!

quick note

I'm out on a date with mike so I will keep this quick. Our internet is "spotty" so so sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It has been such a joy having Kelsey here. She's been a HUGE help! This morning I went out with a friend to a mom's of multiples sale. I found some clothes for the kids as well as a really nice swing for $20... score!

I am realizing more and more how much my attitude affects others. I was praying and asking God about how I am going to handle four kids and how would I deal with the chaos of 4 children under three. His response was simple. He reminded me that the way I react and responds (especially my attitude) to what is going on is more important than what is happening. I can take a hard situation and bring joy to it by having a joyful attitude. I can take a good day and make it bad if I'm sour. So just some thoughts I've been having.

Monday I'll be 32 weeks. Wow.


Funny how life has a way of resolving itself. For the time being our internet is working. Samuel went to the doctors and $220 later he has medicine for pink eye and a bacterial infection behind his ear. Mike's car passed inspection. He ended up staying yesterday to take Samuel to the doctor and getting his car taken care of. He also took me to my appointment. Still having LOTS of contractions, but again no change. The doctor said she thinks I might make it for another month or more... can you imagine that? I'm measuring 49 weeks. Isn't that fun. Yes, that means I'm huge in case you're wondering.

I'm without the children this morning and it's very strange. I woke up at 7 and took a bath. Ate breakfast. Put on some music. And am sipping some hot tea.

My friend Kelsey arrived yesterday afternoon. It is so GREAT to have her. What a blessing. I love having her here. And she hasn't even been here 24 hours. I already kept her up past 1 a.m. …

April 7th

Sometimes silence is a dangerous thing. I find myself left alone with my thoughts to prey on me and am fighting to not give into my feelings but to cling to truth. We’re still working on getting internet at the house which is why my posts have been infrequent at best as of late.
I was in the hospital Wednesday night and released Thursday morning only to return Thursday night and again be released on Friday afternoon. My contractions have been a minimum of every 4-5 minutes and a maximum of every 2-3 minutes. Thankfully I am only 1-2 cm. dilated. These contractions have not been “productive” in changing my cervix which is why I am at home.
I am tired… big surprise there ☺ But I have made it to 31 weeks. Can I get an Amen?
Do you ever find the pressures and stresses of daily life began to just eat away at you? Samuel has pink eye but our insurance isn’t switched so we can’t just take him to the doctor. So does this mean another trip to CHKD to wait hours so they can just give h…