The words of the new mom herself

Jennifer wrote this and asked me to post it for her. ~Michelle

Today has been a much better day. Michael was extibated successfully! This means he is no longer using a ventilator! He's still on a C-pap which helps push oxygen into his system but doesn't need a machine to actually breath for him. Ian has a feeding tube but this is better than not eating. His next step will be to eat from a bottle.

My milk came in! I'm so excited because now when I pump I'm actually producing something for them! I'm getting a lot already! I've been drinking liter after liter of water! Which means I go to the bathroom a LOT!

They removed the bandage today and I was able to take a shower. I feel so much better. I can't explain the difference between today and the past several days. Before I was so irritable and felt like my skin was crawling, I was hyper-hormonal, and feeling exhausted. Today I feel a little more refreshed and balanced and almost human again!

Libby got to see Ian & Michael yesterday. She was concerned about their "owies" and referred to them as the "tiny babies". I think she's pretty happy though that they're here. Samuel wasn't allowed back but I enjoyed getting to watch him run around my hospital room and pretend to talk on the phone.

Mike's run out to pick up a movie to watch and some yummy four layer coconut creak cake! I'm going to watch the movie, take an ambien and knock out! I get to go home tomorrow! I am so excited to leave the hospital but am sad to leave the boys behind. My plan is to take really good care of myself, eat, drink water, and rest so I can continue getting the boys all the milk I can and will be ready for when they come home full time.

My internet access is limited. I can't check my blog in the hospital and the internet at home isn't always functional. Sorry if I haven't responded via e-mail lately. I hope to catch up in the near future. Thanks for our love, prayers, and care.

Specific Prayer Requests: That the boys would continue to grow and become stronger so that they can come home: specifically that they would breath on their own, be able to suck, swallow, breath (eat), and keep their temperature up. That God will give Mike strength, energy and wisdom in how to finish this semester of schooling. That God would provide a job for Mike. That God would restore my health and energy so I can take care of the boys in the hospital and Libby and Samuel at home.


Caren said…
Jennifer, I'm so glad things are looking up! God has you all in the palm of His hand...that we do know! You should write a book :) I will be praying for you all...I look forward to hearing updates!
Love you!
Bethany said…
Glad you are doing better. Isn't it amazing what a simple shower can do. HEE HEE. I know that feeling

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