Is tonight the night?

It's me, Michelle, posting on behalf of our friend Jennifer who just called asking me to share some news for her...

Jennifer is in the hospital with contractions again. They are 2-3 minutes apart and stronger than they have been these past few weeks.

The Doctors have checked her cervix and she's measuring 2cm dilated. They are unsure, but her water may have broken.

They are currently treating her via IV, giving her Procardia to stop the contractions, however, if they don't stop, they will do a c-section tonight!


Suzi and Sharon are with her now. Mike is driving down from PA. Kelsey is with the kids.

Jennifer specifically asked for prayer that Mike would make it to the hospital before the c-section (if that happens tonight).

She also mentioned that she feels unprepared.

So... is tonight the night those active little boys make their way into the world? I'll keep ya updated!



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