A gift from a friend

(Jennifer speaking here) ~M

I was blessed today with a special surprise from my friend Ashleigh. Mike came to the hospital with a package from my friend in Colorado. She had made the boys 2 gorgeous quilts. Just wanted to show you!


Ashleigh said…
Jennifer, so glad you like them. :-)

You look great by the way!
Sara of Sweden said…
You're so radiant girl! I see it in your eyes! I tell Daniel many times a day that I miss you my dear friend so much! So beautiful children! I'm glad they're doing much better!
What is your home adress? I have (almost =0/)sent a package (packed it before I knew about the twins) with some goodies and other things for you and Mike and Libby and Samuel as gifts when the twins were born, but I send them to your parents place instead!
Rest now dear friend and I long for that chat with you when you gain strength!
Hugs and kisses
Caren said…
You look beautiful! I love all the pictures of you and the babies and Mike. I know you must be tired, but hopefully you're home now and resting. I am praying for you all.
Anonymous said…
I'm echoing everyone else to say you look beautiful! Ad so are the quilts! :)
erin. said…
You do look great! Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better (as of Saturday's post :)). We'll be praying for the boys and all of you. The boys are adorable and oh my your "before" belly! You are amazing!
Bethany said…
You look so good Jennifer!!!! Love the quilts too. But you are just glowing.

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