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Without Sugar.

This Wednesday is Ash Wednesday. It is the start of Lent (Latin for 40). It is to bring to mind Jesus' fast for 40 days and temptation in the desert. Lent is a time before Easter (46 days) in which some choose to fast and abstain from certain luxuries.

Wikipedia says that "The traditional purpose of Lent is penitential preparation of the believer – through prayer, penance, repentance, almsgiving and self-denial. Its institutional purpose is heightened in the annual commemoration of Holy Week,  marking the Death and Resurrection of Jesus, which recalls the events of the Passion of Christ on Good Friday which then culminates in Easter Sunday, marking the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ."

I grew up with a Mom who would continually give up sugar year after year for Lent. I was always impressed and amazed by her discipline. Sometimes I tried to do it... but I never could keep it up. I would slip back into the habits.

But this year I have felt God impress on me …

Bumps and Bruises

So today Michael took a tumble down the front porch stairs. It's not a far fall (about 4 steps) but it's brick. He ended up with a huge egg on his forehead. He wasn't unconscious and wasn't vomiting but I still wasn't sure if he needed to be checked out.

So we went to the doctor's. I love that they're available Saturdays for emergency/sick appt. It's wonderful. One of my favorite CNP's saw him. He's supposed to have ibuprofen every 6 hours and ice for the swelling. They also wrote us a script for x-rays if he were to get worse... start acting loopy, vomiting, etc.

Yay. I'm so thankful that even in the midst of unplanned events that things can come together. I'm glad I could take him to the doctor. Glad he's alright. Glad we have a back-up plan in our back pocket if something changes.

Look forward to showing you a picture of his head soon. I was told it's going to bruise bad and turn every color.

At least I had a "cool" …

Death of a Dictator.

I was realizing recently that at times I feel more like a dictator than a mother. I'm shouting commands and giving orders like a drill sergeant:

"Eat your food."
"Put on your shoes."
"What do you want?" (often said from the bathroom )
"Don't hit your brother."
"Brush your teeth."
"Wash your hands."
"Don't shout." (said while shouting myself)
"Go potty."
"Time for homework!"
"Not so fast."
"Not so loud."
"I can't hear you."
"You can't wear that."
"Buckle up."
"Don't move."
"Quiet Please!"
"Who did that?"
"Stay RIGHT here!"
"Slow down."
and my favorite...
             "Hurry Up or We Will Be Late!!!"

It seems ridiculous now that I'm typing this out. But the question then arises: How do you manage a home and children without becoming a yelling, c…

Got Stains?

The other day I bathed 5 children and a dog in 20 minutes. That may not sound impressive to you but everyone's body and hair was washed and for me that's a small miracle.

The next morning was my son Samuel's 6th birthday and I got donuts as a surprise for breakfast. Everyone enjoyed the frosting and sprinkles and gooeyness. I got the kids ready for school and out the door and on the bus and was getting ready to drive Ian to school when I noticed something. I noticed Penny, our new puppy, had some  fur in sticky clumps. I couldn't figure out what happened. I touched the fur where it was matted. Aaagh, the donuts. The kids had been eating their donuts and instead of washing their hands had been petting the dog. So much for a clean dog.

Keeping children "clean" is a difficult task. It can be the yogurt or oatmeal spilled or sloshed onto their shirt, pants, or rubbing something from their fingers into their hair. It can be something they did or something done to …

Officially Crazy.

Mike and I went away for an impromptu overnight on Friday. We drove a little over an hour away to Edenton, North Carolina. Libby and Samuel spent the night at their grandparents and the twins and Peter were home with Rebecca.

It was nice to just get away. To not need to do any lifting and being able to baby my back. Being able to sleep without someone saying "Mama and Papa" a dozen times was a miracle.

Late Saturday morning we went to our favorite place in Edenton, The Garden of Readin', a fun place to look at books, read, write and drink coffee. And apparently a great place to get a new addition to our family.

I was thirsty and I had water bottles in the car so I went to the car and as I was about to re-enter the store I stopped. Just outside the door was a friendly looking couple. They had a laundry basket with them. A basket of puppies, 4 little black lab/terrier mix pups to be exact. They were all adorable. One struck my fancy immediately.

She was all black with a li…


It's interesting how easy it is to forget what physical pain feels like. It was a while... probably 15 months ago when I had felt serious, intense physical pain... giving birth to Peter... you know the whole contraction thing. It hurts.

So I guess I was taken aback (excuse the pun) when I hurt my back on Tuesday morning. I was in agony. I couldn't get comfortable. I couldn't forget I was in pain. I couldn't distract myself. My doctor prescribed an opiate to help with pain relief. It didn't touch it. I was miserable.

I saw my Chiropractor on Wednesday morning. She said my lower lumbar had completely gone out of alignment and my hips were also out of alignment and I was pinching nerves that created the shooting pains, numbness and tingling in my legs to my toes.

After the adjustment I felt so much better. I still feel sore. It hurts. But nothing like it did on Tuesday. I barely use pain medicine. I'm trying to take it easy. I can't lift over 20 pounds. But I f…

"Back" to Bed.

I was getting dressed this morning when I experienced a  weird pop that then traveled down my spine. I was in so much pain I could hardly catch my breath. All I could do was yell for Mike. I couldn't move. I felt like I was going to fall down but I could tell that would feel painful as well, instead of relief.

I have pain shooting down my legs as well as numbness and tingling all the way to my toes. Needless to say this experience has been anything but pleasant and our plans for the day have all been put on hold.

The plan was for me to take Ian to school this morning and then proceed to work on my writing til noon. That changed so Mike was going to take Ian to school this morning but because of my "back event" there were serious delays getting out the door and he was caring for Michael as well. It made no sense to take Ian to school and then come home and then have to go back out again.

Then factor in Michael.

Michael has been sick since Friday. This week-end he complai…

True Rest

I was having breakfast last week with a group of women and I shared with them something God was saying to me. "True rest is revealed by a deep belief in God's sovereignty and His goodness."
It takes both of those things... God's sovereignty and His goodness. It would be imbalanced to have one without the other. It's not enough to just know God is sovereign. And it's not enough to know that He is good.

And it's believing in both of those things that allows you to cast your cares on Him. It allows you to know that He is in control of everything that happens to you and to others and that His plan is for ultimate good. He sees the big picture.

Sometimes I struggle with thinking God is malicious, hard-hearted or "out to get me." But this is not true. At other times I think, well God is good but He can't be in control or this or that wouldn't happen. Although I can't say that I understand why things happen the way they do or have an ultimate …

What do I really own?

"You can't receive if your fist is clenched closed."

This was what I felt God whisper to me. I was driving on the highway and this thought jumped in my head.

I realize I need to open my hand. It's the only way I can receive. True it means that things can be taken from me. But my ownership of those things are the illusion. I don't really have anything. Not really anyway.

I was listening to a song by Dido called "Life for Rent." Now mind you I'm taking these lyrics out of context but they struck me. The song is about love and allowing someone to really have your heart. But these particular lyrics made me think....

"I haven't ever really found a place that I call home
I never stick around quite long enough to make it"

"But if my life is for rent and I don't learn to buy
Well I deserve nothing more than I get
Cos nothing I have is truly mine"
I haven't found a place I call home because I'm not home yet. It's not til I…

Beyond the Roadkill.

I live in the country. Yep, I have huge ditches on both sides of the road. And there is plenty of wooded, foresty areas. So, as you can imagine there is roadkill. And last night I was a contributor to the death of a opossum.  But let's just call him posse. No I don't normally name my roadkill. As many years as I've lived in the country I've only killed about 3 animals, at most. But each time it makes me sad. I mean it. It's not like I loved posse. It's just that I value life.

It was dark and Ian was in the car with me. I saw posse run into the road. She turned to look at me. And all I could think was "No, no, no!" I slowed down, but it was too late. It was as though she purposefully maneuvered in a way that I couldn't avoid hitting her. I heard the buh-bump.

"Oh no," I said.
"What's wrong Mom?" says Ian from his car seat.
"I just hit an animal."
"Why did you that?"
"I didn't do it on purpose bud…

24 Hours.

So last week-end I had the privilege of getting away for a few days. I got to hang out with some members of my writer's group. They reminded we started in 2005. Wow. That's a long time. This was our first retreat and it was a pleasure to laugh, eat good food and talk about writing. We talked about article ideas, publishing, writing books, etc. And boy was I inspired. I ended up writing 20,000 words. And did I mention the yummy food. I'm so thankful they have such an appreciation for GOOD food...

But prior to their coming down I had 24 hours by myself. I drove down by myself and slept alone... and enjoyed peace and quiet... and music... I lit candles and read a novel (Agatha Christie). I took an hour long bubble bath... and I do not exaggerate... okay, it might have been longer than an hour. I don't know. I went to bed early and woke up too early so I let myself go back to sleep... just because I could.

This had been the first time, literally, in YEARS that I spent 24 …