True Rest

I was having breakfast last week with a group of women and I shared with them something God was saying to me. "True rest is revealed by a deep belief in God's sovereignty and His goodness."

It takes both of those things... God's sovereignty and His goodness. It would be imbalanced to have one without the other. It's not enough to just know God is sovereign. And it's not enough to know that He is good.

And it's believing in both of those things that allows you to cast your cares on Him. It allows you to know that He is in control of everything that happens to you and to others and that His plan is for ultimate good. He sees the big picture.

Sometimes I struggle with thinking God is malicious, hard-hearted or "out to get me." But this is not true. At other times I think, well God is good but He can't be in control or this or that wouldn't happen. Although I can't say that I understand why things happen the way they do or have an ultimate answer to all suffering... I know that He knows. I know that my mind is finite and God's is infinite.

And so I trust in His goodness and His Sovereignty and I can be at peace. At rest. 

Like one of my children's favorite songs, He truly does have the whole world in His hands.


Kelsey said…
Sweet and simple truths. Excellent. Thanks for writing. xoxo

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