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Fighting Sugar Dragons and the Demon Called Cancer.

I started this morning on a sugar binge... chocolate chip cookie dough and sweet tea! What the hell was wrong with me?! I've been eating great. I've lost 28 pounds. I have all this momentum and today I start by self-destructing... It took me a few minutes of praying and asking God what is going on with me????

And then I realized. I was jumping into old habits. Emotional intensity leads to sugar bingeing for me. I was eating my emotions and stress. I couldn't let go of the tension so I thought I could eat my way through it. I stopped.

I drank a glass of water and flooded my body with the nutrients of over 30 fruits and vegetables. I made myself a Complete Smoothie and I paused to thank God for opening my eyes and stopping my destructive patterns.

Yesterday was an intense day for me. Samuel had been complaining of pain for the past 4 days. In his hip socket area and in his groin. Way too close to where his primary cancer site was. Monday Mike took him in for a lump on his fo…

What's Still Broken...

You can clean your room and organize so that everything is in it's place. You can work hard and be productive, meeting goals that you've set. You can eat well and be disciplined and lose weight and trim up... and it feels great.

But it doesn't fix the brokenness of this world.

I want it to be all better now. I want my heart to no longer hurt and ache because of my shortcomings and failings and my sins and the effects of others sins. I want things to be good now.

But even when you do the best you can. Even when you've righted as much as you can. Even when you've reconciled. Things will not be as they ought to be. And as much as you work to satisfy your longings, goals, desires, it will never TRULY satisfy.

Only Jesus. Give me Jesus.

He's the Only ONE! The only one who can satisfy. The only who can meet my needs. And He's what my heart longs for. I long to be with him on the other side. Here I know in part. Then I will see in full.

We are all waiting for the …

Protection. Provision. Prosperity.

New Year's Eve the suburban was shaking and stuttering. It felt like the front left wheel was about to come off. Mike was gone on a business trip and I had five kids in the car just having purchased Libby's ballet ensemble. We were on our way to my parents to wish my Dad a happy birthday when we decided we couldn't make it that far.

Pulling into a Fireston station, I went in and quickly asked for help.

They were kind enough to squeeze us in when we shouldn't have been able to be seen and were caring about the safety of the kids in our vehicle.

2 bars of the suspension were broken. The manager showed me how the tire could completely wobble and shake on the car. We needed at least 2 bald tires replaced.

And yet God provided for our almost $1,000 repairs. And the guy threw an extra tire (on the house) because there was still one tire that he didn't feel good about and he wanted to be sure we were safe.

At this point it's well after 3:30 p.m. and my kids hadn't…