Protection. Provision. Prosperity.

New Year's Eve the suburban was shaking and stuttering. It felt like the front left wheel was about to come off. Mike was gone on a business trip and I had five kids in the car just having purchased Libby's ballet ensemble. We were on our way to my parents to wish my Dad a happy birthday when we decided we couldn't make it that far.

Pulling into a Fireston station, I went in and quickly asked for help.

They were kind enough to squeeze us in when we shouldn't have been able to be seen and were caring about the safety of the kids in our vehicle.

2 bars of the suspension were broken. The manager showed me how the tire could completely wobble and shake on the car. We needed at least 2 bald tires replaced.

And yet God provided for our almost $1,000 repairs. And the guy threw an extra tire (on the house) because there was still one tire that he didn't feel good about and he wanted to be sure we were safe.

At this point it's well after 3:30 p.m. and my kids hadn't eaten lunch and I had nothing to give them and nowhere to go to get food. And a friend came to the rescue bringing Chick-fil-A nuggets and fries for the kids and a salad for me.

He met our big needs and our little needs.

New Year's Day there was a fraudulent purchase made with my bank card. Someone had used my card # to make an online purchase of over $400+ in gaming equipment. Thankfully Mike caught it and we were able to block the purchase and cancel the card!

I had been struggling the past couple months with trusting God's provision- I knew He was faithful and I knew He'd take care of us as He always has but I wasn't aware of how it would occur... and then people anonymously blessed us with a very generous gift right before Christmas. Here God was taking care of our needs at every turn. I could see God's hand at work. Blessing us beyond our expectations. Blessing us beyond our needs... so that we could in turn be a blessing to others.

God has also been graciously providing work for Mike.  Sometimes Mike is gone out of town working all sorts of days and nights, getting very little sleep and putting in 60+ hours but I am so blessed to have Mike willing to do what it takes as well as him having a job. Work is not to be taken for granted. Somedays are harder than others when he's away but I'm thankful to God for Mike's job. In addition, I've been working hard on my small business. It's exciting to see it grow and see people getting healthier!

God has been incredible in His provision, in his protection and in prospering us.

God had given me the word ABUNDANCE for 2016. At first it felt somewhat mocking considering our circumstances at the beginning of December, my hope and prayer for Christmas was to be able to pay rent but I chose to believe God even when there seemed to be no way I could feasibly see how things were going to turn out. Now I have the benefit of that faith being sight.

God is transforming our health as a family. He's enabling Mike and I to take big steps towards securing our future. He's helping us to be faithful with what we have. We are eating well. We are exercising. We are being disciplined... with money, with food, with all that He's given us. And I'm so thankful. I'm thankful to see how God will meet us in the future. Surrendering my hope and trust to Him. Not in myself. Not in my abilities. Not in what I can accomplish but what He has done on our behalf. How He is meeting our needs, seen and unseen. How he's bringing joy to us through a grateful heart. How we can be content with what we have and don't have.

I won't pretend that I have arrived. That I won't doubt again. That my faith won't flounder. But I can rest secure in a God whose character never changes.


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