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Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel

My fingers smell like Frankincense. I doused the kids with oils before they headed out the door for school. The older two are home with me. Still schooling at home. We're all still part of this crazy journey called life. With mixed schooling. And mixed feelings.

Samuel's MRI showed three cysts in his brain. One seems to be something he got when he was born or in the NICU. One is on the pituitary and the other an arachnoid cyst. Side effects include headaches and nausea; cue the aha moment.

This kid is going to be going through it. He's supposed to start growth hormone injections this week. Which is why we're working with neurology and endocrinology to keep close tabs on those brain cysts. In addition to getting his hearing aid which had to be postponed because the Dr wasn't available the day of our original appointment, we will also be reviewing the MRI's... and getting braces (orthodontist). Fun, fun.

And it stirs up all these past traumas. The life inside the…

Broken Hallelujahs.

35 years ago today I became a big sister. My instant built in best friend, Libby Anne "Joy", was born. Her pale skin and rosy cheeks and blue eyes. She called me her "Gi-Gi" when she couldn't say the word "Jennifer".

A couple years later, Mom even gave us our own baby doll Christopher to play with. We could take turns rocking him in our little wooden rockers. So we had a third partner in crime. All boy. Blonde hair buddy with blue eyes.

As kids we had lemonade stands, played hopscotch and scraped up our knees getting our first "summer stamps" as our Mom called them.

In my teen years she stole my clothes and shoes. She would be indignant that I borrowed her sweater when she would be wearing a whole outfit from my closet.

Her dramatic eye roll and loud gasps of surprise.

Her strumming the guitar.

Her voice lifted up in sweet praise.

Her 21st birthday. She was married and pregnant. I gave her a jewelry box.

I didn't know it would be her las…