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Not all these events happen every day but they could be found in a typical day in my home.

-Fries being flung from upstairs to the downstairs through the railing. As well as dirty clothes and assorted toys being thrown from the second floor to the first floor.

-Children fully dressed in the shower.... AGAIN!!!

-Legos and goldfish... in MY bed.

-Apple slices in my tulip arrangement.

-Dry oatmeal in my candle jar.

-6 "Blowout diapers"... in one day.

-18-24 diaper changes in a day.

- 13 cans of pediasure in a day.

- 12 + assorted medications.

-poop on my jeans. Applesauce in my hair.

-Scratches (accidentally) from my kids.

-Multiple boxes of bandaids.

-Pancake Batter Adhered to the counter.

-Marshmallow vomit on the rug.

-"Freshly" sprayed stairs... with fabric wrinkle remover.

-a rubber ball in the bathroom sink... stuck in the pipe.

-a cup of water spilled on electronics.

-tea never sipped, now cold on the counter.

-My nursing bottles for my pump that were on my counter...MISSING!

- My…
I think I'm doing okay. I'm feeling more confident... feeling more able and then wham. Reality hits. Aaaagggh. Retreat. Run for cover. What on earth was I thinking? It's all to much. Run away. Run away.

Okay. So it's a little theatrical... but it's how I feel. If I have to tell my kids "NO!" one more time I might truly need to be committed. So when they ask why the men in the white coats came to get Mommy... tell them it was from saying No to much :) Okay, so now I'm just being loopy.

The expectations I have for myself are staggering. I want to do it all and be it all. I want perfection. I want to STRIVE for everything. I think sometimes God gives me days like this to remind me, "Hey, Jennifer.... SLOW down! Don't try and do it all. You can't. You're a creature. You're limited. I'm in control, remember?"

"Oh Yeah! Thanks God!"

Feelings are powerful, aren't they? Imagine if I told you tomorrow you would be given…
(written on Saturday night)

I'm looking off at Peter. I know he's going to fall asleep. If I just keep hoping he will fall asleep.... eventually.... right? We've been playing the up and down game. I just want to unwind and go to bed but he has other plans. Now he's cooing. He knows how to get to me. I love when he's babbling. He's had this insane schedule of pooping and eating tonight. This little man is on a mission!

He keeps looking at me with his dark blue eyes... pleading, practically begging me to hold him. His eyes are this amazing blue... sometimes they look purple. I now understand the how some people have "violet eyes".

I have fed him, changed him, comforted him, swaddled him. I've jiggled the passy several times.

I was in this crazy mood last night. I had so much energy and was so awake... so what did I do? I rearranged the living room furniture, I cleaned out the pantry and the downstairs closet and reorganized a ton of kitchen cabinets. I …
Okay, it looks as though I have bronchitis and a sinus infection. Last night I started getting a fever, sore throat, and aches all over. Fun, fun.

I've got antibiotics, an inhaler and mucinex.

There's a wedding in 10 days. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!

It's so exciting but everyone has been sick with the flu... my dad, brother, Kristin, and now my husband feels crummy... I think we even gave something to my friend Kelsey. Bummer.

Well, there's a wedding meeting in 10 min. gotta run to the barn. I wonder if I can show up in my jammies and bathrobe... just kidding... sort of.
Radiation at Virginia Beach General starts tomorrow. I'm getting the kids to school and then taking myself to the doctors... I think I have a bad chest cold and a sinus infection. So probably antibiotics will help.

So much happening around here. Mike is taking samuel to Va. Beach and then to CHKD... and then home.

Life is never dull.
Day 5 of radiation down. Samuel is doing well.

Tired but all relatively well in the house. I've had some weird chest cough thing going. But hot water with lemon and honey is divine.

Haven't been able to post at home... internet down for the time being.

Too busy to pay the bills... hee hee...

Doesn't money stink sometimes... the fact that you need it. I say that half gesting but also more aware that God is in control and He's supplying for our needs.

So much is happening.

There's a wedding happening out here in 15 days. Samuel, Libby, Mike and I are all in the wedding. I'm so excited. My brother is getting married to the most amazing person.

It's so funny how I have prayed for God to give me a good relationship with my sister-in-laws and he's answering that prayer!!!! First I have Kristin... and then in April Courtney. I'm one lucky girl.

Kristin and Christopher will be living in the house on the third floor. Their home is still under construction but the…

Make a meal?

If you're interested in making a meal for us you can sign up on food tidings.

As I'm doing Weight Watchers and trying to be healthy we are asking for healthy meals! We love chicken (the kids are crazy about rotisserie chicken) and brown rice/wild rice etc. We love vegetables and salad... Fruit is a plus. No pressure to make a meal...

We didn't want meals after Peter was born and after Samuel's diagnosis but during this time of radiation it will be very helpful! Thank you!
It's funny how quickly life goes by. My last post was on New Year's. and here it is almost the 10th as I write. Samuel goes into clinic tomorrow. Afterward he will be sedated and have a CT scan that's an evaluation on how the chemo is affecting the tumor. Hoping for good news.

Mike and I got go away for an overnight. It was wonderful to spend some time together. We left Peter at home with bottles of pumped milk. We could never have done this without Kelsey and Aleya. Thank you ladies! What a gift. Just being able to talk without distractions and interruptions is amazing. Thank you Julie for letting us use your efficiency!

Samuel's new CVL seems to be working fine. He has been really up and full of energy... the chemo seems to be just about kicking in. Having a few weeks break from chemo really let his personality come back through. I think this last treatment is about to catch up with him. Well, it was nice while it lasted. Wonderful to get to see him be himself.

Days hav…
Had a great day. A little bit out of it. I got some extra sleep. I worked on cleaning my room and specifically purging clothes that don't fit right or I don't like. I even went on a date with Mike tonight. I was able to eat well today. I even had a few treats and stayed within my daily points.

One thing that was discouraging is I discovered that Samuel will continue getting chemo even though he'll be getting radiation... I thought the chemo stopped during radiation... It doesn't.

He has radiation simulation on Monday as well as CT scan. I look forward to him coming out of the hospital Monday night!
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