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One of the coolest traditions my mom does is have an annuals "Sleep under the Tree" Party. She has had the same "little" girls over for the past, hmmm, I think 7 years. It's so sweet. The "girls" have grown so much and they're more like little women than children. I had the pleasure this past sleep-over to join them. Thanks for including me girls. It was such a blessing to get to know them better and to join in their laughter. I enjoyed seeing their kindness, their quickness to serve, smile, and laugh. It was a true pleasure. The only men around were my dad, Christopher, my brother, who entertained for hours with various games, and Ian. It was a fun time! Hope to be there next year... if I'm allowed :)

What Mess?


My Sweet Babes.


Creative Flow.

Samuel's play-doh creation.

Libby's creativity tends to be a little more neat, organized, etc. She loves to cut strips and stick to making "cookies" and "cakes".


The graham crackers are scattered, broken and half-nibbled all over the table. and underfoot in the cracks of my slippers. The dishes are piled in the sink. Samuel's last poopy diaper remains in too close of vicinity.

The only neat thing around here is the goldfish crackers in a bowl too precariosly close to my left elbow. Discarded milk cups litter the table, the kids room, and underneath random couches and beds.

The older two are fighting and arguing about whether or not the door to their room should be shut. I hear Ian crying in the distance. My husband is exhausted from probably getting no sleep as child after child woke up last night with need after need.

If I'm lucky I might be able to swallow some tea through my overly swollen throat.

And yet, in the midst of this madness God is near. The patience He gives me to hug a child and wipe the tears off their faces. and to go fix breakfast. and to change another diaper. and clean up, yet again. and to rest in the fact that He…

Doctors, Shots, and Southern food.

Run around. Run around. Run around. Stop.

I had to take the boys in for their 9 month check-up today at 8 in the morning. Of course they're both sick. Ian had a fever yesterday and still had some congestion today. And what???? Michael has managed to get another DOUBLE EAR INFECTION again. The boys had to get shots. Ian's iron levels were way too low so we had to go into the CHKD lab to get some blood tests done. So by the time the blood was drawn and the prescription for even stronger anti-biotics for Michael were ready it was already well past noon.

I came home and Mike went out to run errands. before I could crawl into bed Samuel was up from his nap. Fortunately for me Libby was playing at a friend's today. So I had him come upstairs with his fuzzy, a bowl of dry cereal and a cup of milk and watch a movie in bed with me while the twins napped.

I'm feeling much better than yesterday. I think the vitamin C and the sinus meds are doing their job. Still tired and ru…

Sinus Such & Horror-mones.

Sick. Sniffle. Wipe. Cough. Repeat.

I've got the sinus blues.

"I woke up this morning.
With a scratch in my throat.
My nose was stuffy.
And my cough made me choke...
I've got the yucky-mucky-stuffy, achy, breaky, make-me shaky sinus blues."

What do you think of my little song?

Michael is still coughing/congested/crying. Ian seems like he might have an ear infection. Samuel is a never-ceasing volcano of snot.

So there you have it.

Libby and Mike are well.

I'm in bed. Taking Vitamin C. Reading Better Home and Gardens Getting Organized magazine. And about to watch the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A Veggie Tales Movie. I have a cup of English Breakfast Tea and a box of tissues so yep, I'm set.

I'd like to pause and reflect on yesterday though. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself and feeling like people just didn't care (yes, self-pity was at an all time high)...I had a friend over helping me organize the twins' room and was sharing with her how I wa…

hello. sunshine.

Sipping away at my hot lemon & honey concotion I've made. Holding Ian on my lap and a tissue in my hand. I think I have a sinus infection. Isn't that fun. You know the feeling where you feel throughout the night stuff dripping down the back of your throat, which you know is going to hurt your throat in the morning but you don't really care because you've been awaken like 30 times and you're just trying to sleep.

Ian is trying to help by typing... so this might take a little longer than I thought. Samuel has managed to drag the baby bath tub upstairs this morning. Libby wants me to make a sign that says "Samuel Can't Have Any Food" because apparently he got on her bed.

But you should have seen me yesterday as I whipped through the house doing over 5 loads of laundry, cleaning, washing, picking-up, straightening, nursing, feeding, wiping.

I made pot-roast, home-made bread, and the most delicious oatmeal raisin cookies. so you might think, "…

Dastardly Days.

Dastardly: cowardly and malicious, base.

Okay, I'm not feeling malicious but I feel very cowardly. I get so fearful of the next crises. So tired of the other shoe dropping. Just when I thought I would work on my "urgency addiction" (First Things First- Stephen Covey) and not seek adrenaline rushes. It's as though I can just turn around and there's something there to get my heart elevated. I long for it to be over. The stress. Anxiety. And strain, tremendous strain. Good thing I've been exercising, huh?

Michael is home sleeping peacefully in his little chair and I can see him as I peek past the computer screen. His little cheeks are rosy pink. He's wrapped in a cream and blue snowflake blanket. His hair flling softly on his head. So tender and sweet. I know I should rejoice and I do...
but I also dread.

I dread the next hospitalization. I dread the next sickness. And I know I shouldn't think and assume the worse but the worst se…

Alls Well that Ends Well.

Mike and Michael are back home. Michael is taking a much needed nap and we're getting ready to make some hot cocoa and chill out for a while. All are tired, but all is well! Thank you Lord!

Back in CHKD.

Just want to give you a report on Michael.

Mike brought him in this morning to get shots (along with Ian). Well, the doctor noticed his horrible cough that he's had and after some breathing treatments and monitoring in the office they felt he needed to be admitted into CHKD for observation. So our little man once again is going by ambulance to CHKD. Mike is bringing Ian back home and dashing off to the hospital.

Wanted you to know where we're at. Michael is stable and fine for right now. Will keep you posted. He's being admitted to a room upon arrival so no waiting around... that's nice.

Isn't life ironic?

a poem for Jesus.

Bleary eyed. tired cries. Babies Sleep. Mama sighs.
Cup of tea, cold again. Dribbling milk, down the chin.

Holding grace in a quilt, crying over life that spilt.
Broken, broken, toys and hearts. Quiet healing? soon to start.

If He's numbered every tear, if He knows my every hair...
Why do I worry, why do I care?
Why anxious heart? Why deep despair?

Sweet Savior Jesus holds fast to me. reminds me all I need is He.
In His arms I safely fall, He is my Hope, my Joy, my All.

-Jennifer Napier

A Profession of Faith.

There are moments in life that make me think, "I am so glad to be alive!" moments where I say, "God, thank you that I'm a parent." and moments where I say, "God thank you that YOU are at work in my child!" On January 10, 2009, it was one of those nights.

It all started with me overhearing the kids bed-time ritual with Mike. Mike had read to them a Bible story... complete with sound and lighting effects. And when it came time to pray I heard Libby asking Mike about great-grandma... and would she die in her sleep? Which led to questions about Heaven. My ears perked up. What a perfect opportunity to share the Gospel.

I slipped into the room and whispered my thoughts to Mike and we sat down with the kids and talked to them about the Gospel. About our sinfulness and a holy God and how we need to be redeemed and about Jesus, His life, death, and resurrection and how He restores us to God. The conversation continued about death, Heaven, and hell.

I was am…
Dinosaurs are all over the table. Play-doh is all over the floor, the table, and the bottom of my shoes. I'm listening to Mozart in the morning (where I found rice in the CD player) and am hearing the children screaming in their room as they jump off their beds. Babies are strewn about. Both the doll and real kind. Okay, their safe in bouncy seats and what-not but I just feel scattered and low.

I feel like such a BAD mom. Sigh.

Everyone is alive and fed and dressed- hey pajamas are clothes! Laundry is done. dishes are half done. And the kids have played with play-doh and colored today.

I've managed to eat half my breakfast a bowl of fruit, mixture of strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. I'm waiting for Michael's nurse to come and trying to figure out how I can get the kids energy out when it's raining outside... go to Chick-fil-A for the indoor play ground or the mall play area?

Ian's now eating baby food like a horse and it's so much to try to k…

Protein Anyone?

Dear friends,

Turns as if I'm truly hypoglycemic...or in the words of a famous SNL skit, A "Hyper-hypo!" I'm finding that my sugar levels can get all out of whack and I can get to feeling light-headed and faintish. Thankfully I've seen my doctor and he's confirmed I am hypoglycemic (low sugar levels). I'm finding that I need a protein with a complex carb.

Some of my favorite helpful snacks have been apples with natural peanut butter. Cheese and whole grain crackers. Hummus with Kashi crackers. Protein drinks. Yogurt with home made granola. Dried fruit and nuts. Chicken with anything...brown rice, beans, etc. Eggs on a bagel or english muffin.

Do you have any other suggestions? I need protein. Please advise.