A Profession of Faith.

There are moments in life that make me think, "I am so glad to be alive!" moments where I say, "God, thank you that I'm a parent." and moments where I say, "God thank you that YOU are at work in my child!" On January 10, 2009, it was one of those nights.

It all started with me overhearing the kids bed-time ritual with Mike. Mike had read to them a Bible story... complete with sound and lighting effects. And when it came time to pray I heard Libby asking Mike about great-grandma... and would she die in her sleep? Which led to questions about Heaven. My ears perked up. What a perfect opportunity to share the Gospel.

I slipped into the room and whispered my thoughts to Mike and we sat down with the kids and talked to them about the Gospel. About our sinfulness and a holy God and how we need to be redeemed and about Jesus, His life, death, and resurrection and how He restores us to God. The conversation continued about death, Heaven, and hell.

I was amazed at how Libby understood and the questions that followed. Mike finished by asking her if she wanted to pray and ask Jesus to save her from her sins. She said yes and Mike led her in a prayer, asking God to forgive her of her sins. Praying out loud what we believed and thanking God that He would always be with her.

I'm not claiming that I know when a heart is converted or even that she "became a Christian". I don't know that she understands everything... but I do know she understood most of what a 4 year old can understand and I am thankful to see her heart grow with a love for God and a desire for Him.


Caren said…
How beautiful! What a lovely present from Jesus. I pray that one day too can lead my babies to Jesus. Thank you for sharing that with us.
Anonymous said…
What Joy , what peace, what love...........God is using you all in a powerful way. Libby's tender heart to desire to know Jesus. You two seizing the moment that was presented to you to lead he into a confession of Faith. A blessing for sure. A Holy Moment......a new life and a journey towards our Heavenly Home.
Katy Van said…
Thank you for sharing this treasured time you had with your little gal! The Lord surely has a special way with children I think- He knows their thoughts, fears, joys perfectly. He will be faithful to grow the seeds you and Mike are planting and watering in your sweet kids lives. I'm encouraged to hear stories like this- my continual prayer for my babe is a heart that fears God and loves our Savior above all.
Rebekah Judd said…
What great news. In all the craziness of life, God is so evidently at work in your family! Thanks for making my day =)
tws said…
I'm crying...how awesome!
Wasko Family said…
Thanks for sharing that encouraging moment, Jennifer! We love you. The Waskos
Anonymous said…
I'M just ecstatic and hugely grateful that I get to spend eternity with my SUGAR PLUM!!!! I'm believin' that!
I'm counting on ALL of them...believing the Lord for Samuel, Ian, Michael, and all our grandchildren to come!

And Jen, I must have a copy of that picture of Lib! It's absolutely INCREDIBLE!

Love you1
Sarah said…
How precious! Joining the angels in celebrating your little girl!!

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