Doctors, Shots, and Southern food.

Run around. Run around. Run around. Stop.

I had to take the boys in for their 9 month check-up today at 8 in the morning. Of course they're both sick. Ian had a fever yesterday and still had some congestion today. And what???? Michael has managed to get another DOUBLE EAR INFECTION again. The boys had to get shots. Ian's iron levels were way too low so we had to go into the CHKD lab to get some blood tests done. So by the time the blood was drawn and the prescription for even stronger anti-biotics for Michael were ready it was already well past noon.

I came home and Mike went out to run errands. before I could crawl into bed Samuel was up from his nap. Fortunately for me Libby was playing at a friend's today. So I had him come upstairs with his fuzzy, a bowl of dry cereal and a cup of milk and watch a movie in bed with me while the twins napped.

I'm feeling much better than yesterday. I think the vitamin C and the sinus meds are doing their job. Still tired and run-down but really feel able to care for others a bit better :)

The Napiers brought us friend chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits, and baked apples- one of my absolute favorite meals. It was such great comfort food! Thank you guys! Some other friends came over and brought us groceries and much needed medicine- thank you so much!

And Libby got to go to Kangaroo Jack's with her friend Kaylin today. She had so much fun. When she came home she told me all about the big slides and the icecream she had on a cone... it was "banilla".

So, here we are another day. Another week-end to look forward to... I hope some rest is on the menu. We're all under the weather around here. Mike's run down and Libby is "snorting" as she calls it. At least we still have our sense of humor.


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