Sinus Such & Horror-mones.

Sick. Sniffle. Wipe. Cough. Repeat.

I've got the sinus blues.

"I woke up this morning.
With a scratch in my throat.
My nose was stuffy.
And my cough made me choke...
I've got the yucky-mucky-stuffy, achy, breaky, make-me shaky sinus blues."

What do you think of my little song?

Michael is still coughing/congested/crying. Ian seems like he might have an ear infection. Samuel is a never-ceasing volcano of snot.

So there you have it.

Libby and Mike are well.

I'm in bed. Taking Vitamin C. Reading Better Home and Gardens Getting Organized magazine. And about to watch the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A Veggie Tales Movie. I have a cup of English Breakfast Tea and a box of tissues so yep, I'm set.

I'd like to pause and reflect on yesterday though. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself and feeling like people just didn't care (yes, self-pity was at an all time high)...I had a friend over helping me organize the twins' room and was sharing with her how I was tempted to feel that my friends didn't care. Mike called up that I had a visitor...the Lord brought a friend to come over with a plate of home-made chocolate chip cookies and a note of encouragement reminding me that many cared and loved me. It was as though the Lord told her exactly what to write.

Mike and I also received encouragement through prayer and specific words of affirmation at caregroup last night. It was most refreshing.

So though my body is pretty yucky and under the weather I am so thankful for the tangible encouragement I have received lately. Isn't the Lord kind?!

P.S.~ Mike said the funniest thing today. I was reminding him in addition to everything not feeling well it's almost that blessed time of the month where I feel like I've been run over by a car. He was reminding me how my hormones came into play. He said that they should be called, "Horror-mones." It made me laugh my head off thinking about it just now.


Jessica Rockey said…
I've got the stepping in puppy $#@& every 5 sec. blues.
Sara of Sweden said…
I'm sorry to hear those horrid viruses are visiting again!
D just got sick this morning...never ending story!
Many hugs, getting well greetings and much love from the 4 in Sweden
Anonymous said…
What? Didn't you read in the Mother's Handbook that mothers definitely do not have the luxury or time to get sick! So rise....take up your bed and all the nose blown tissues...and as I'm listening to your music choice of Never Let Go....yeah....good advice. So, one last blow....and you're good to go. Wouldn't it be nice if life was just that simple. Blessings on you. Maybe Libby will make a sign for you...MaMa without the red nose or "there she blows". Just remember....a good laugh goes a looooonnnnng way.
echinacea (sp?) was a life saver when virginia and I were both sick. I think it was the quickest I'd ever gotten over a cold and it helped her too (via breast milk of course!)
anyway, I just took whatever the max dose a day was and you should only take it for two weeks (if you need that long).
Love you!

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