Back in CHKD.

Just want to give you a report on Michael.

Mike brought him in this morning to get shots (along with Ian). Well, the doctor noticed his horrible cough that he's had and after some breathing treatments and monitoring in the office they felt he needed to be admitted into CHKD for observation. So our little man once again is going by ambulance to CHKD. Mike is bringing Ian back home and dashing off to the hospital.

Wanted you to know where we're at. Michael is stable and fine for right now. Will keep you posted. He's being admitted to a room upon arrival so no waiting around... that's nice.

Isn't life ironic?


AmyB said…
We'll be praying. Love you guys!
Mimi said…
keeping you guys in prayer
Sara of Sweden said…
Sweet little Michael! We're praying! Thank you for telling us!Love Sara & family
Bethany said…
praying for you all
Sarah said…
Poor little guy. We're praying too...

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