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Take Me Out of the Box- Stop the Labels

I have watched in amazement and sometimes with startling awareness that I have become one of "those" moms.

You know who I mean... I'm the homeschooling mom with the SUV- can't have a minivan because it wouldn't hold all my kids carseats. I'm toting 5 kids to doctor's appointments, grocery stores, chiropractor, library, um, pretty much everywhere.

I get stares like I'm a circus act. Oh hello, it's just me with a normal outing with my fabulous 5? Oh what, a freak show? No, I think not. I think you've confused us with someone else. We're totally normal.  As I'm trying to stop my four year old's nose bleed and set up my class for Classical Conversations while ordering medical supplies on the phone.

What have I become????

Stop. Hold the presses. Why are we so quick to label? Myself? Others? Comparing? Who is better? Who is more "natural"? Who is more frugal? Who is doing the best job educating? Parenting? Healthy foods? Creati…

Changing Pants & My Feelings

I have had to change my pants many times today. Not as though this is a new thing. After all I do have four boys.

I got dressed into my clothes for the day. Then the rabbit peed on me and all over my bed. That was not fun. So I changed. Then Ian knocked out his two front teeth (thankfully they were his baby teeth) but it was traumatic and bloody and the kids were hysterically hyperventilating. He needed a cold wet cloth which of course leaked all over me because I was holding him. So changed again.

So you know kids were in and out of the snow this morning. They came trudging in with pink cheeks and fingers cold as their mittens didn't prevent the snow from melting and seeping through. We've done our "grammar" review for CC today. We made pancakes for lunch. I read to them for a long time and then fell asleep on the couch. They put together two different puzzles of the U.S.

I prepared for tutoring on Thursday.

Days are long and wild and full. Predictable and unpredicta…

Christmas Miracles & New Year's Wishes.

I had him cornered. We're at a Christmas party and my pastor's on the couch and I plop down next to him with a stacked plate and  I look him directly in the face, "Do you still believe in Miracles?" and without batting an eye he emphatically states, "Yes!"

I had been wrestling... do miracles still occur? How do I trust and put faith in my God to heal, to provide, to do the inexplicable, and still believe He's good if He doesn't come through in the way I hope and expect Him to?

I had just watched It's a Wonderful Life a couple days prior and I was struck with the thought, but what if there was no "miracle"? What if the townspeople didn't show up and bring money? What if they were selfish or out of town or unavailable? What if they had nothing to give themselves? What if George Bailey ended up going to jail for a crime he didn't commit? I mean, it's wonderful that he recognizes the importance of his life and sees how it affec…