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Crazy, anyone?

Taking Samuel to the doctor's yesterday was an experience. It started on the drive there. I was reaching in my purse for my cell phone to call Mike and to see how he was feeling. He was at school. Well, I grabbed the phone and it slipped out of my hand. No problem. I'll pick it up at the next red light. Well, I couldn't find it. At every stop we came to I would look around. I looked EVERYWHERE. Slightly frustrated but trying to keep my cool I thought I'd find it once we reached the doctor's office. Nope.

In the past I've always been "lucky" so to speak and found a parking spot. This one last time to the pediatrician while in PA and I could find NO parking spot. Just my luck. I'm on bed-rest and probably shouldn't even be driving but I had to take Samuel... so, I had to park at a drug store and walk Samuel in his stroller... up a huge hill. I'm not even supposed to be exercising... needless to say, contractions followed.


Diapers, Dental work, and days like this.

Okay, maybe I'm doing too much research. I was literally dreaming about cloth diapers for the past 2 nights. Pregnancy brain?

yesterday I had some dental work done. Thank God. I really wanted to be sure I was up to speed BEFORE the twins come. I know afterwards the likelihood is slim that I will be visiting the dentist anytime soon.

Today Samuel has his 2 year appointment. I'm taking him this afternoon and debating if I have enough strength/ability to take him in for a haircut prior to his appointment. Maybe, I'll just wait :) We'll see.

Mike is starting to get run down. Unfortunately this is not a big surprise to me. He's been working so hard trying to care for me and for the kids and to prepare for the move.... and school... and.... and... so he's exhausted and I think has a chest cold. I wish I knew what to do to help him right now. Not fun when I'm a position of "weakness" so to speak.

It's been challenging to deal with all the ob…

Cloth Diapers... a new obsession.

Okay, I'm a pretty funny girl. I've had two children and had been content with them in disposable diapers. here's the thing though, Libby is not potty trained and Samuel is nowhere close and there will be two more nuggets in diapers soon! So today I have been researching cloth diapers like a mad-woman. Why? Numerous reasons. The biggest one is I can save some major moolah by going the extra mile and washing my diapers and putting them in cloth. The next reason is so I won't be putting chemicals like chlorine on my children. Third, I want to be good to the environment by not adding tons of disposable diapers that are hard to dispose of to land fills.

I was completely overwhelmed when I first started trying to figure this all out. Thankfully after some coffee talk with my friend Sarah I felt a little more prepared and pointed in the right direction. Currently, I'm feeling a little addicted. I joined and have been able to have tons of …

Back Home... again.

Does anyone notice a pattern or theme here... Samuel in the hospital. Jennifer in the hospital. Samuel in the hospital. Jennifer in the hospital. Maybe the boys are jealous of the attention Samuel is getting.

On a serious note. I got home a few hours ago. Was hungry and tired. So I ate and fell asleep. Sorry I didn't respond quicker of my release. I was just too exhausted. So I was having contractions and they were being monitored. I was given endocin (sp?) and an IV so I could be given some anti-nauseau medicine. The good news was that I was NOT dilating. I was given another dose of endocin this morning and more tummy meds and released. Still having contractions but nothing persistent and consistent like last nights.

Hmmm... it looks like I'm going to have to be more careful about what we do and where we go kind of stuff. So I decided to NOT got to my friends' shower and tomorrow I'll ask Mike to take Libby to her little friend's birthday party.

My fri…
going to the hospital to get checked out.


I've been having contractions. 4 in 20 minutes. Mike is taking his parents to the airport so my friend Sonya is going to come over and be with me. What a blessing. I hope I don't need to go to the hospital. Maybe my body will just calm down and stop freaking out. Here's hoping.

Trusting the Lord.

There are moments when I feel my weakness more keenly. This is one of those moments. I went to have another ultrasound yesterday as well as having a consultation with a high-risk doctor. I left there anxious and panicked. The boys are doing fine as far as we can see but once again I am having too much amniotic fluid. This is what happened with Samuel and it put me into labor at 26 weeks with him. One of the boys is a bit bigger than he's "supposed" to be. I'm measuring 38 weeks along. You are supposed to be bigger with twins.. but not that much bigger... again, what happened with Samuel. And with my swelling and contractions the doctor was concerned about pre-ecclampsia. She wanted my blood pressure taken and my cervix checked and a glucola test (test for gestational diabetes) run.

So today I went to my OBGYN and took the glucola test. I don't remember when I'm supposed to have the results on that. I also had my cervix checked and it's soft. I h…

24 weeks.

I'm trying to keep myself taking pictures of my growing womb. 24 weeks along. Woohoo. I keep praying for another 10 weeks at least... that would be great! I've lost my ankles this week and my hands feel so swollen too. I'm a marshmallow puff for sure! My mom was encouraging me though and said that when you look at me I'm "all baby", oops, "all babies"! :)

Old Navy.

Excuse my laziness. I've been using my apple photo booth to take pictures instead of my camera. I'm too tired to make too much effort and shoot the pictures and download them. That's why the pictures are grainy and fuzzy... my lack of effort :)

The only nice thing about this week-end was I had a little bit of girl time with Libby and my mom. We went out to IHOP and then went to the OLD NAVY baby/kids sale. I was tempted to get a ton of stuff but I stuck with some basics and necessary stuff. I was really excited by how much I saved. I bought Samuel and the twins coats for next winter. I found matching shirts for the 3 of them. I found the twins some cords and the cutest shirts with turtles on them that say "Thrill Seeker" (so appropriate for hunting with my dad for turtles, snakes, and frogs down at my parents farm). I found four adorable polo shirts for Samuel. I got all the boys new socks. I found a long-sleeve and tank-top for Libby as well as some b…

Home, James.

We are HOME! Just got home about 15 minutes ago. I'm already laying in bed :) I've had several contractions throughout the day and I think I'm needing some rest so that we don't have to go to the hospital for me. Samuel was up till 4 a.m. crying and screaming. My mom and I slept at the hospital last night. Finally I was about to get up and rock him when my mom suggested trying to put him in bed with her. He fell asleep on and off lying propped up on her hip. The great thing is that he was drinking so much they took his IV out. The doctors prescribed ear drops at about 8 am and we finally got them at 9:45. After he got the ear drops he seemed to really relax.

He fell asleep on the notch between my hip and pregnant belly. He slept for four hours! After talking with the doctors they felt comfortable with sending him home. Right now he's on 6 different medications: amoxycillin, special ear drops, bethanegol (sp?), albuterol, flovent, and oral steroids.. n…

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Last night I actually went back to the house with my parents and Libby and got some sleep. i went to bed with a sinus headache but it seems to have disappeared this morning. Mike is still with Samuel in the hospital. When we talked last night he said that it seemed to him that Samuel was a little more comfortable. He had been throwing up his pain relievers all day... which is really bad because on top of croup, RSV, fever, asthma... he has an EAR INFECTION to boot! Just like Libby. So he was even throwing up his amoxycillin.

I think we'll take it easy this morning and return to the hospital. I look forward to hearing more of how he's doing.

On a good note some friends of ours came by and brought Samuel cupcakes to celebrate. Samuel was really happy to see my mom and let her rock him for several hours. He also got some presents from the hospital and a birthday cake. CHOP really does a good job of caring for kids.

another update.

Today is Samuel's 2nd birthday. He's quite miserable poor guy. He has been found to be RSV positive. We're on the pulminary floor at CHOP and he's getting regular treatments. He was on oxygen all day yesterday. He had some breakfast this morning but threw it all up just a bit ago.

I'm exhuasted but Mike is worse. They didn't have a cot for him so he slept in a chair. I at least got to sleep on a couch/lounge seat. We are thankful though that he is NOT in ICU.

Thank you for your prayers.


talked with Mike. They're giving him supplemental oxygen. Debating on whether he needs to be in ICU. keep praying. On my way to hospital.

Samuel is in the hospital.

Dear friends,
Today has been a really rough day. Last night we all actually seemed to sleep. Well, I mean I didn't fall asleep until 2:45 but the point was Samuel sounded clearer and though he was coughing he wasn't throwing up. I had to change him at around 2 but he seemed to settle down afterwards.

Then there was this morning. He's been throwing up repeatedly. He's retracting deeply. Mike took him to the doctors and instead of being able to even come home to get me he had to rush to the hospital. Samuel is experiencing serious breathing distress.

Please be praying for him. He really looks peakish and I can tell his oxygen has been dropping. I am currently home with Libby. My mom just called to tell me that she and my dad are just going to drive up to be with Libby. I'm looking for a way to get to the hospital right now...

Romantic Holidays... or the lack there of.

Our holidays in general tend to be eventful. Last Easter Samuel was in the hospital. For Libby's 2nd birthday Samuel was in the hospital. For December 7th (my sister's birthday) Samuel was in the hospital. Mike and I have a history of having very unromantic Valentine's Days and Anniversaries. They tend to be days full of turmoil, frustration, or being apart from each other. This Valentine's Day is no exception.

Samuel has been throwing up all afternoon and is absolutely miserable because of the oral steroids he's on. He's been screaming all day. Libby went to school today so that I could pack and clean and get ready for our trip. She came home screaming and wailing and throwing a temper tantrum.

so it looks like we won't be leaving until tomorrow. Visions of romance danced in my head... those visions have been replaced by carpet cleaner and dirty shirts. Mike and I are both covered in Samuel's fluids and frankly my dear things are just bad aro…

Ear Infection, Asthma, & Croup, Oh My!

What a day. Or should I say, what a past 24 hours. we finally got our electricity back after 36 hours without it. What a blessing electricity is! the kids have been sick and sleeping terribly... and therefore Mike and I are two sleep deprived parents. We took the kids to the doctors this morning. Libby has an ear infection, a really bad one. Samuel's asthma is flaring and he has croup to top it off.

The plan for the day was to pack for our trip to VA. We were supposed to head out at soon as Mike finished his class at 4. Oh well for that plan :) Hopefully we'll get off tomorrow morning.

It snowed yesterday and it was wonderful to watch it fall. At times it was tiny delicate flakes. At other moments huge fluffy flakes that looked like chunks of cotton batting floating to the ground. it was really nice. Today it's raining and making the snow melt away. gloomy.

I'm learning more and more how important it is to let go of expectations I have for my life. My hop…

Bad Night.

Last night was a very windy night. Normally the howling of the wind doesn't disturb me and I can typically ignore it. But this particular night it was forcing our electricity on and off. I don't mind not having electricity at night... what I do mind is when our fire/smoke detectors go off. They're hooked up electrically so there are no batteries you can pull out. Instead it was chirping and making high pitched noises ALL night. Needless to say it was a sleep deprived night: predominantly for Mike and the children. He was up with them all through the night. We had an impromptu family party of milk and graham crackers from 1:00- 2:15. So we are a tired family today. Mike was so kind to let me get as much rest as I could. He's really a saint. So today's a kind of lay-low, chill day. That's what we're hoping for anyway.

Tomorrow is Libby's Valentine's Day party at school. She is quite excited and anticipating all the fun. I was planning on…

The face scratcher.

Samuel got me today. He got me good. Those tiny nails are so sharp! He clawed completely across my face and got the corner of my eye. Blah. What a day. It's bitter cold and I do NOT want to have to go out again. I took Mike to work and came home and fed the kids and got them dressed and dropped Libby off at school. Tiger boy leapt into action...he
By the way. All the floating you see those twins doing is not the real thing. It's more like rolling, punching, kicking, wrestling. A stream of never-ending movement. don't let the calm flow of the two on the screen fool you!

Stealing Ideas.

Katie- I totally copied from your blog the super cute image of watching my babies grow and giving myself a countdown! I couldn't help myself... it's really amazing.

I am marveling constantly at the movement I feel inside me. This morning I was awakened by rolling, punching, and kicking. It's amazing. These two little boys have already had hiccups and I think wrestle each other on a daily basis.

I'm about to go have coffee with my friend Sarah and am looking forward to talking abut cloth diapers, baby gear, and catching up on what's going on in her life. She has two boys. I really should glean some tips :)

Well, off to blow-dry my hair so I look semi-presentable. After my shower I had to sit down and recover myself. Yep, tired that quick. Scary, huh?

Crazy Cravings...

I have had some funny cravings as of late:

Chocolate Milk and Pickles.

Lemonade and Sweet Potatoes.

Not so weird but I have been loving Trader Joe's blintzes. They're dairy-free but delicious. I have them with strawberries.

Wish my sleep habits were better. Was up at 4:45 this morning and going to bed now at 12:20... oops.

Not all tummies are created equal...

There's my tummy at 22 weeks. The twins are kicking and moving ALL the time! Libby wanted to show you all the "baby" in her tummy. She saw me taking a picture on photobooth (MAC) and wanted to show of her tummy too.

You can see why I have to use a support belt...


Almost passed out at Target. What is going on? I had protein and had eaten breakfast. I was out alone with Samuel. Thankfully I sat down before the damage could be done. i drove to Libby's school to pick her up but I did have to have Mike leave school and come and get me and drive us home. I had started seeing black around the edges and stars. Yesterday I almost passed out in the bathroom. All this to say I'm wondering if I should be driving right now. I'm having Mike take me to my doctor's appointment tomorrow.

I wonder if my blood pressure is dropping or blood sugar. Someone told me that one of their children would caught off blood-flow to the aorta so she was put on bed-rest for two months. I had assumed this would be a one time experience and that I had learned my lesson about eating too much sugar. I find that I can only stand and walk a few minutes before I need to sit down again.

On a positive note, we got Samuel eating yogurt again. His therapist She…

I'll pass on passing out.

Today was the strangest experience of my pregnancy. I woke up and got ready for church and had the same dilemma I've had as of late... what to eat. I have really noticed my body responds extremely negatively to a lot of sugar and that I need protein. Sometimes though I don't feel like eating anything but I know my body needs fuel. Sunday morning is usually oatmeal. We cook quaker oats and add brown sugar and walnuts and a little milk. There wasn't time for that today so I grabbed a bowl of cereal. a bowl of super-sugary cereal. cinnamon toast crunch was the culprit of the day. I also slipped a protein bar into my purse on the way out the door. I'm usually good about supplementing protein whether through a shake or a bar when I don't have time for the real stuff like eggs or cheese or peanut-butter, beans... you get the point. We had to get out the door because we were meeting someone after the first session and before the second session at church.

When we…

Black Bean & Corn salsa.

For the Superbowl party tomorrow I am making my favorite salsa. I made some today just for snacking on.

My favorite salsa:

one can of corn
one can of black beans
chopped red onion
chopped fresh cilantro
a dash of olive oil
a dash of cumin
fresh squeezed lime juice
clove of garlic- pressed

Mix and serve with chips. I love this salsa with blue corn tortilla chips. You can also serve with chicken or part of a yummy Mexican dish.

P.S.~ Don't eat while surfing on your laptop and pregnant. You could potentially spill corn and beans on laptop... twice, um, like me.

Article up.

thanks Danielle for even reminding me that my article is up! I wrote about my experience of falling in love with Jesus. You can read my latest article on Ungrind called "Wooed Over Italian." Hope you enjoy.

Happy February!

Greetings from the buddha belly. Where once my belly button was an "innie" but is now an "outie". Where my stretch marks are large and in charge thanks to my darling son Samuel and my overstretched tummy of last pregnancy...

Happy February. I know it sounds funny but with the coming of a new month I feel some relief. I am getting closer. I feel like I'm in a race and trying to get to the end feels far off but I want to persevere and make it.

I am really, really tired. The boys are literally kicking the crap out of me. They're kicks are so strong and frequent it's making me nauseous. Yet with every kick I am grateful for the lives of these boys. Grateful that they're growing stronger and bigger. These guys really need to play soccer or something...

Off to bed. Just finished watching Spellbound, an extremely interesting documentary about the national championship spelling bee.

Well, goodnight then.