Crazy, anyone?

Taking Samuel to the doctor's yesterday was an experience. It started on the drive there. I was reaching in my purse for my cell phone to call Mike and to see how he was feeling. He was at school. Well, I grabbed the phone and it slipped out of my hand. No problem. I'll pick it up at the next red light. Well, I couldn't find it. At every stop we came to I would look around. I looked EVERYWHERE. Slightly frustrated but trying to keep my cool I thought I'd find it once we reached the doctor's office. Nope.

In the past I've always been "lucky" so to speak and found a parking spot. This one last time to the pediatrician while in PA and I could find NO parking spot. Just my luck. I'm on bed-rest and probably shouldn't even be driving but I had to take Samuel... so, I had to park at a drug store and walk Samuel in his stroller... up a huge hill. I'm not even supposed to be exercising... needless to say, contractions followed.

Thankfully Samuel was great. He contentedly sat in his stroller eating shredded wheat and drinking soy milk. The nurses and doctors were concerned that I parked so far away. So after the appointment the nurse watched Samuel and told me to get the car and park in the handicapped parking spot. I left empty-handed and saw the empty parking space. I got the car and drove back... the spot was taken! The problem with the parking area is it's a one way with no space to pass any car so I threw the car in park and put on my emergency flashers and went and told the nurse... she watched the car as I took Samuel to get pricked (blood-lead test). Thankfully the nurse helped me put him in his car seat and get us on our way. It was comical. We had a line of cars patiently waiting behind us.

So, I'm still needing my cell phone. Let me explain. Libby's teacher was watching her for me so I could take Samuel to the appointment without extra stress. She was going to drop Libby off later. Our doorbell doesn't work so the only way she can reach me is to call my cell... and I couldn't find it. And I couldn't be able to tell when she would arrive. So, I stopped at Mike's school and thought I'd wait for him so he could call my cell phone and hopefully we could find it. I was praying hard. Where is it? finally, after crazy searching and Mike having by chance texted me I found it. Snuggly under my seat. It had slid behind and to the left and landed under my seat. I texted him and tried to explain my day. Well, he found out that I had been at school so he came out... just as I had left to rush home because Libby's teacher said she would be at the house shortly to drop off Libby.

I don't know if any of this is making sense but it just ended up being one of those crazy laughable times... where there was much miscommunication and confusion.

Samuel's appointment went well. He's in the 56% percentile in weight... he used to not even be on the chart his weight was so low. He does need to see an ENT specialist (Ear, Nose & Throat) and follow-up with pulmonary in VA and find a dentist (malloclusion-sp? & teeth grinding) and get him started on speech therapy down there.... no pressure, really :) Ha. No problem... it doesn't matter that I'm on bed-rest and can't actually drive him to these appointments, right? :) The most pressing thing though the pediatrician stressed was contacting Samuel's pulminologist up here and having him contact the pulmonologist down there...

I'm seeing the OBGYN again tomorrow... getting my cervix checked and such.

Mike was burning up with fever last night. I'm coughing and sneezing and leaking nasally. He's sick. I think I'm catching it too. Yippee. I need to call the rental truck for next week... and the electric company... and get the mail switched... and... and... and... does it ever end?

I'm watching the kids this morning so Mike can nap. I'm exhausted though. Oh life and all it's glorious simplicities and complexities. Well, I'm going to make some calls. Happy crazy day to you.


Caren said…
Jen, I hope your crazy day didnt get any crazier! I am praying that you all feel better soon. Thanks for being real!
Anonymous said…
How did the appointment go?

Sarah said…
Hey Jennifer Leigh

Just to say hope the move down goes ok - praying for you guys...

Looking forward to hearing all about you being settled in Virginia.

lotsa love xxx

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