Home, James.

We are HOME! Just got home about 15 minutes ago. I'm already laying in bed :) I've had several contractions throughout the day and I think I'm needing some rest so that we don't have to go to the hospital for me. Samuel was up till 4 a.m. crying and screaming. My mom and I slept at the hospital last night. Finally I was about to get up and rock him when my mom suggested trying to put him in bed with her. He fell asleep on and off lying propped up on her hip. The great thing is that he was drinking so much they took his IV out. The doctors prescribed ear drops at about 8 am and we finally got them at 9:45. After he got the ear drops he seemed to really relax.

He fell asleep on the notch between my hip and pregnant belly. He slept for four hours! After talking with the doctors they felt comfortable with sending him home. Right now he's on 6 different medications: amoxycillin, special ear drops, bethanegol (sp?), albuterol, flovent, and oral steroids.. not to mention Tylenol and Motrin. Our sweet little druggie.

We gave him a bath to help him feel fresh and then took him home.

I have a book and a box of chocolates. Time for a little TLC.

One of my favorite lines that's stuck in my head is the old,
"Where are we going?" (said by the chaffeur)
"Home, James."

Now, that's music to my ears!


Anonymous said…
So glad to hear you are all home safely. Sending much love your way. Becca
Caren said…
Yay for going home! I'm so glad you're able to be home tonight. Here's to a good nights sleep, and lots of rest for everyone! I'm praying!
Bekah said…
Im so glad you are home! Ive been reading your posts and praying for you guys!
Shelley said…
Praise God for his goodness. May he continue His work in healing Samuel's little body. Praying for you all! Love ya!
anne said…
Hooray....still praying for quick healing and rest for all!!
Anonymous said…
Praise God mighty warrior boy! God has big plans for you and your family who are faithfully persevering and enduring. Love you....G'ma
Bethany said…
Glad you are all home. Wow you all sure go through a lot. We will keep praying
Anonymous said…
Praise God! Love you!

Sarah said…
Glad you are back home safe and sound. Big hugs and lots of prayers for your rest and Samuel's speedy full recovery xxx
Anonymous said…
Aw, I'm so glad you're all home and he's okay.
Judy said…
Good to hear!! Take care!
Anonymous said…
Praise God! My Mom and I will continue to pray for Samuel and for the rest of you as well.

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