Crazy Cravings...

I have had some funny cravings as of late:

Chocolate Milk and Pickles.

Lemonade and Sweet Potatoes.

Not so weird but I have been loving Trader Joe's blintzes. They're dairy-free but delicious. I have them with strawberries.

Wish my sleep habits were better. Was up at 4:45 this morning and going to bed now at 12:20... oops.


Rebekah Judd said…
Hey - I craved lemonade and sweet potatoes all the time! I thought it was an odd combo. I also was addicted to fudgsicles. I can't wait to bring over a gallon of ice cream for you, neighbor!!
Sara of Sweden said…
OK, the chocolate and blintzes I understand... but PICKLES??? I guess I forgot what it is to be pregnant =0)

Ashleigh said…
The power of suggestion! Now I want a chocolate malt. Not quite the same as chocolate milk, but close. :-)
Judy said…
Hey, pickles are a great snack, pregnant or not. I ate an entire jar of pimento stuffed olives in one sitting when I was pregnant with Nicholas. Yummy.
anne said…
Hillarious. I loved Orange juice and cheetos when I was pregnant.

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