By the way. All the floating you see those twins doing is not the real thing. It's more like rolling, punching, kicking, wrestling. A stream of never-ending movement. don't let the calm flow of the two on the screen fool you!


Catherine said…
Yeah, it looks like that womb is awfully round and spacious too. Must help a lot with the calm flow of the babies :)
Wendy said…
Are they getting your ribs yet? I had terrible heartburn with the boys too.

How are you?
Ginger said…
yeah, I bet! That count down thing makes it seems so calm. Mine loves to kick my belly button flat, and sometimes in the bladder --fun little stinkers!
Jessica Rockey said…
I still remember feeling your tummy move around with Samuel inside! It was honestly one of the coolest moments ever! So miraculous! Love you friend. Can't wait for you guys to be here!

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