Diapers, Dental work, and days like this.

Okay, maybe I'm doing too much research. I was literally dreaming about cloth diapers for the past 2 nights. Pregnancy brain?

yesterday I had some dental work done. Thank God. I really wanted to be sure I was up to speed BEFORE the twins come. I know afterwards the likelihood is slim that I will be visiting the dentist anytime soon.

Today Samuel has his 2 year appointment. I'm taking him this afternoon and debating if I have enough strength/ability to take him in for a haircut prior to his appointment. Maybe, I'll just wait :) We'll see.

Mike is starting to get run down. Unfortunately this is not a big surprise to me. He's been working so hard trying to care for me and for the kids and to prepare for the move.... and school... and.... and... so he's exhausted and I think has a chest cold. I wish I knew what to do to help him right now. Not fun when I'm a position of "weakness" so to speak.

It's been challenging to deal with all the obstacles of daily life while on bed-rest. Libby has really been "acting out" lately. I think all the changes of hospitalizations and grandparents coming and going and school getting thrown off and I think she can pick up on all the stress Mike and I are experiencing. Samuel has actually been doing fairly well lately. He just wants me to hold him all the time... slightly problematic because I can't carry him or I'm not supposed to.

And me, well, I'm just trying to get through day by. Every day is a victory... one more day the babies are INSIDE me. I still am having some contractions but they're not as consistent as they have been. I'm looking forward to moving down to Va on Sunday. I just want to be down there already in a way... so I can start all the processes of getting things switched over. I am sad too. It's weird leaving the life that we created up here. Friends, Bible Study, our home group and church... plus the conveniences of Trader Joe's just down the street and a school that Libby loves. Lots of mixed emotions. Well, off to eat some breakfast and see what I can do for Mike.


Caren said…
Awww...poor mike. I hope he feels better soon. Maybe he'll be able to catch up after you and the kids are back in VA. It will give him a break for a little while. I'm praying for you all!
Sarah said…
Hope that the next few days prove restful for you despite everything! Hope Mike gets better soon too - swamp him with vitamin C - always works when I feel rough. Big hugs xxx
Anonymous said…
I'm so happy you're moving back!! I really hope Mike feels better. :(
Alot of that stuff is going around.
luv ya! -emmy

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