Almost passed out at Target. What is going on? I had protein and had eaten breakfast. I was out alone with Samuel. Thankfully I sat down before the damage could be done. i drove to Libby's school to pick her up but I did have to have Mike leave school and come and get me and drive us home. I had started seeing black around the edges and stars. Yesterday I almost passed out in the bathroom. All this to say I'm wondering if I should be driving right now. I'm having Mike take me to my doctor's appointment tomorrow.

I wonder if my blood pressure is dropping or blood sugar. Someone told me that one of their children would caught off blood-flow to the aorta so she was put on bed-rest for two months. I had assumed this would be a one time experience and that I had learned my lesson about eating too much sugar. I find that I can only stand and walk a few minutes before I need to sit down again.

On a positive note, we got Samuel eating yogurt again. His therapist Sheila had him fingerpaint with colored frosting and he tasted it and loved it. So I got a bowl of vanilla yogurt and died it like the frosting and he ate the whole bowl! I don't like the thought of my son eating artificial color and dyes but right now I'm just trying to get him to EAT!

I'm exhausted so I'm going to bed.


Sara of Sweden said…
Hey girl!
It sounds like your bloodpressure is low! If you feel dizzy you should NOT drive! Promise me!
Let the midwife take your bloodpressure and bloodsugar! I would bet it's the bloodpressure though. Ask her what you can do when feeling like passing out. You need to find a position how to get blood to flow to the head... a bit more tricky when having children in the tummy =0)
Much love
Jessica Rockey said…
NO DRIVING GIRL! When's your next app.? I been praying for you since I read you post on monday. We can't wait to have you guys down the street! Love you. Be careful.

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