I'll pass on passing out.

Today was the strangest experience of my pregnancy. I woke up and got ready for church and had the same dilemma I've had as of late... what to eat. I have really noticed my body responds extremely negatively to a lot of sugar and that I need protein. Sometimes though I don't feel like eating anything but I know my body needs fuel. Sunday morning is usually oatmeal. We cook quaker oats and add brown sugar and walnuts and a little milk. There wasn't time for that today so I grabbed a bowl of cereal. a bowl of super-sugary cereal. cinnamon toast crunch was the culprit of the day. I also slipped a protein bar into my purse on the way out the door. I'm usually good about supplementing protein whether through a shake or a bar when I don't have time for the real stuff like eggs or cheese or peanut-butter, beans... you get the point. We had to get out the door because we were meeting someone after the first session and before the second session at church.

When we got to church we took the kids to their classes and went upstairs to join in worship. By the time I climbed the last stair I could feel my heart racing and pounding in my ears. I felt like I had just done 30 minutes of cardio and sprinted for the last 5 but all I had done was walk up 2 flights of stairs. I felt a little woozy and was relieved when about 5-10 minutes later I could sit down.

Mike and I were waiting to meet up with a gentleman from the church who was in charge of the car ministry program at church. The church is providing Mike with a vehicle (to KEEP!) so that he'll be able to travel back and forth from VA to PA. (this church is amazing!) So anyway, we were waiting for him just for a little while between the sessions. The gentleman came out and we went back outside so he could show us the car. A nice Honda Accord was waiting for us outside. I was really excited but then started feeling really weird. Mike and the gentleman kept chatting but I kept feeling weirder and weirder. I felt like I was about to throw up and then things started spinning. We were standing outside on the pavement and I was afraid I was about to pass out. I was really embarrassed but I grabbed Mike's arm. I told him I thought i was going to throw up or faint. Mike and the other man helped me to the side and I sat on the grass trying to breathe deeply. Literally everything was going black. I wasn't even wearing a coat and I had started to sweat profusely. Finally my head cleared and the sweat stopped pouring.

One of Mike's friends from seminary assisted me with Mike back upstairs and I sat and ate my protein bar and continued to drink water. Unfortunately though we had to leave after worship because I was so dizzy and faintish. Mike asked me what I wanted to eat. I just wanted a hamburger... I think I was really needing some protein.

So anyway, I'm back home now. Still a little embarrassed but a lot less faintish and am in bed. it's been interesting this pregnancy how vulnerable I feel and susceptible I seem to be to such little things. The other day while I was in Target I started to get dizzy. I guess I really need to cut back on doing the normal everyday type of stuff. I am so thankful I didn't pass out or throw-up. I can feel the boys kicking and moving around a lot so I know that they're okay.

I guess I'll just pass on passing out.


Wendy said…
Hey friend! I share your protein cravings...when I was pregnant with my twins I felt sick if I didn't eat enough protein. My dr told me I should be eating 100 gr of protein (is it grams it is measured in-brain fog) I remember it was 100, I was lucky to do that everyday...Charlie made me a protein shake every afternoon. He also brought me steak and ham and stuff when I was in the hospital. Try eating 100 gr in the hospital where everyone else is sick so the portions they give out are not big at all!
Anonymous said…
I had several experiences like this when I was pregnant. The most embarrassing was when I'd gone back to work after a Ob appointment. I was starving going to buy lunch. I'd gotten my lunch and was standing in line to buy it. I'd had several fainting experiences before so I know exactly what it feels like. Anyway, I'm standing in line and start to feel it come on. I ask the lady next to me if she can hold my place and go to the bathroom and splash water on my face. Come back. It was, of course, a long line that day, and as soon as I got back it started again. I was handing the guy my card to buy my food and could barely focus, the blackness started creeping in. I was like, "I'm going to faint!" and ran over to a little bench and stuck my head between my knees. Nobody paid any attention to me and when I could get a grip I signed my receipt and got my lunch and made a bee line back to work to eat! Eating meals and snacks are top priority for pregnant women!
Jennifer! That is so strange... The same exact thing happened to me on Sunday. But, I was still at home and in the shower. I never made it to church at all... Now I know I need to eat before I do anything else in the morning!

Love you girl!
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anne said…
Pregnancy brings on the wierd episodes. I am just glad you did not faint and fall down the stairs!
Michelle said…
Oooh. Be careful girl...

Two of the three times I've passed out is in the shower. All the standing is hard when you are already weak and it's hot and steamy. Shower chairs are helpful.

I'm glad you ended up being ok.
Lizzy said…
yes, Jenn, please be careful! fainting is not fun, let me tell you, and just think, you'd be fainting 'for three' so do take care, friend, praying for you...

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