Romantic Holidays... or the lack there of.

Our holidays in general tend to be eventful. Last Easter Samuel was in the hospital. For Libby's 2nd birthday Samuel was in the hospital. For December 7th (my sister's birthday) Samuel was in the hospital. Mike and I have a history of having very unromantic Valentine's Days and Anniversaries. They tend to be days full of turmoil, frustration, or being apart from each other. This Valentine's Day is no exception.

Samuel has been throwing up all afternoon and is absolutely miserable because of the oral steroids he's on. He's been screaming all day. Libby went to school today so that I could pack and clean and get ready for our trip. She came home screaming and wailing and throwing a temper tantrum.

so it looks like we won't be leaving until tomorrow. Visions of romance danced in my head... those visions have been replaced by carpet cleaner and dirty shirts. Mike and I are both covered in Samuel's fluids and frankly my dear things are just bad around here. I know some years later I will look back and laugh. For now I want to cry. The kids stuff is all packed. I just need to throw my stuff into a bag. Mike packed the car with boxes to be taken down to Va. Yet we are nowhere close to leaving with Samuel in this condition.

One of our plans was to have the car inspected while we were down there. Right now, that's not going to happen. Unless some miracle takes place it looks like we'll be spending another sleep-deprived night trying to console two tired, cranky children. Hopefully we can get an early start tomorrow.

for now I'm going to go see if I can convince Samuel to have some pedialyte.

Hope your day is full of love, romance, and all things mushy-gushy. The mushiest thing around here is the throw-up I have to clean up :) So do something for me- eat some chocolate or take a bath... or something fun and relaxing!


Caren said…
Awww, Jen! I hope your day is better, and you all get a good nights sleep. I'm praying for you all...we had dinner and gave the girls little valentine heart balloons and a bit of candy. We decorated the walls with the hanging hearts from Walmart, and ate on paper plates, so I didnt have to wash too many dishes. All in all, its been a good day. I'm sorry you're having a hard one. I love you! Happy Valentines Day!
Anonymous said…
A long-range view of being able to "eventuallly" look back and laugh is helpful....and necessary, but the present, in your face, now/reality is not fun but God will.... and is.... perfecting those things which concern you. Oh how we would like to be in charge! Precious ones, do not be weary in well doing and plan dying. When your arms are hanging limp, your knees buckling and you have cleaned up for the umpteenth time, take a deep breath and know, This too SHALL pass. We prayed today at prayer group that Samuel would not urp all the way down as he normally does. Sorry, We didn't know enough to cover the home too, but,.... the car was saved and your constant stopping was waived. Small consolation but at this juncture, every bit helps. Right? By faith, see you soon. XOXOXO G'ma
Kate Van said…
Jen- I look forward to seeing you soon. I really do wish I could have helped you pack up (maybe not clean-up):) Praying for you and your family today!
Catherine said…
Dearest Jenn,
Sorry your day was so stressful. Sounds like it was a lot - even without the expectations that Valentine's day brings.

My day wasn't much better. I've knocked out in bed with a horrendous cold. And I had to miss a funeral that I desperately wanted to attend yesterday.

My suggestion - wait till next week and do something special and low-key then. That's what a lot of my friends are doing since this week has been far from cupids and hearts for a number of families in our church.

Judy said…

Sorry to hear things are rough right now. Hang in there! Our day was nothing mush-gushy, lovey-dovey... Maybe one day though when the darling children are all grown up! I will eat some chocolate today in honor of you. :)

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