Back Home... again.

Does anyone notice a pattern or theme here... Samuel in the hospital. Jennifer in the hospital. Samuel in the hospital. Jennifer in the hospital. Maybe the boys are jealous of the attention Samuel is getting.

On a serious note. I got home a few hours ago. Was hungry and tired. So I ate and fell asleep. Sorry I didn't respond quicker of my release. I was just too exhausted. So I was having contractions and they were being monitored. I was given endocin (sp?) and an IV so I could be given some anti-nauseau medicine. The good news was that I was NOT dilating. I was given another dose of endocin this morning and more tummy meds and released. Still having contractions but nothing persistent and consistent like last nights.

Hmmm... it looks like I'm going to have to be more careful about what we do and where we go kind of stuff. So I decided to NOT got to my friends' shower and tomorrow I'll ask Mike to take Libby to her little friend's birthday party.

My friend Sonya is my hero! She stayed overnight with the kids and kept them this morning. her husband, Andy, was also a saint because he was willing to watch their two children so Sonya could be here with mine. It snowed like crazy last night so thankfully school was closed for Mike and Andy. I'm glad Mike didn't miss more school because of me.

Having reflux issues which they told me is common with women at the end of their pregnancies and the reason I'm experiencing it is because I have a belly as big as theirs. Yes, friends, I do once again have polyhydramneous. Dang! I thought I would avoid that.

Libby wants to keep seeing my "owie" from the IV. Mike's been watching the kids all afternoon... and poor man he has hardly slept. I know he's exhausted. Libby has been acting up so much. I think she is really stressed from all the changes and all the going ons around here. I think she's picked up on the stress and is dazed and confused.

The plan stands that the kids and I will be driving down in the van... Sonya (yeah-the hero), will be driving us down on March 2nd. Mike will take his car down. The next day (monday) mike and sonya will head back up to PA. I am so thankful my friend is willing to drive for me! What a huge blessing!

Well, I'm too tired to keep typing. Blessings on your day.


Michelle said…
We're eagerly awaiting our Jennifer & co.!
Judy said…
Glad to hear you're home!!
Ashleigh said…
Glad you're home and have friends able to help out so much!
Caren said…
Jen, I'm so glad you're home. I'm praying for your transition back to VA. Thanks for updating. I hope you get a good night's sleep.
Anonymous said…
having two babies in that poor uterus of yours stretches it more causing those hormones to make you contract.. you poor dear sorry, worked high-risk ob until very recently so I had to put my two cents in. I included a link that had some good advice. I will keep you in my prayers.

Sarah said…
Glad to hear you're back home Jennifer - keeping you and all the Napiers in our prayers. Take care, love you xxx

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