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article: The Great Mommy Escape.

My recent article on Ungrind.

I hope you moms out there find it encouraging.

Father's Day.

Last Sunday, on Father's Day I had the honor and privilege of honoring my husband, Mike, publicly at church. This is what I had said:

Today, I want to honor my husband Mike as a wonderful father, husband, son, student and friend. In the Bible it talks about giving honor to whom it is due... and this is long due.

Mike, when I take time to think about what we have been through and experienced in the last 7 years I am undone. I know you are not comfortable with being publicly honored but this isn’t entirely about you. It’s about God’s faithfulness to us. It’s about Him working in you and in me and in our family. It’s a testimony of God and His goodness. About hope instead of despair. About joy in spite of pain. About beauty for ashes.

You have stood by my side through so many trials and sorrows, hopes and joys. Where would I be without you?

Your continual reminder for me to put God first and to let go of everything else… to rest in God, to trust Him and put my Hope in Him… has br…

Days like this.

me and michael.

just finished exercising... great time for pictures.

I have to remind myself that I won't always smell like some mixture of Desitin and sun-screen. I won't always have to change diapers... or buckle them into car seats or feed them with a spoon. My kids are going to grow... and change... and leave. So I want to savor these moments. The random cheerio I find as I'm undressing for the night. The oatmeal clumps clinging to my hair. The smell of spit-up on my shoulder.

Some day life will be boring. The house will be clean and in order. The carpets cleaned. I will have time to paint my nails or take long showers. I will be able to serve others because my kids will be grown.

So, I know this season, just like all the others in my life, will pass. So savor. Drink deep. Enjoy the noise. The boisterous laughter. The loud chaos that surrounds me.

Play with the kids. Tickle. Laugh. Hug. Run. Chase. Drink some tea... and when it gets cold... pour it over ice.


The events of the last several weeks leave me feeling overwhelmed if I attempt to convey all that has happened :)

Good things.

My birthday was great. The VA Aquarium was fun. the kids loved the sea turtles and sharks and looking at all the fish. We had lunch at Chick-fil-A and were able to meet up with my aunt and cousins while the kids played. It was wonderful spending time with my family. I got some really great books I wanted.

i was surprised by my friend and adopted little sister Kelsey. She flew in on my birthday but got stuck in D.C. She surprised me in the morning... I came downstairs and there she was... all the way from CA! It was a wonderful trip, albeit too short (in my opinion) but we definitely made the most of it. Thanks Kelsey for coming and for surprising me. You and Mike did a great job keeping it from me!

the last couple of weeks have been full of doctors appts. Michael is now officially free and done with his helmet! Yay! Yesterday he was scheduled to hav…


During Spring Break this year we went to the zoo. What fun it was to bring our friend Hannah with us. We had a great time.


Okay so it's just a little after midnight. I'm 29 and spoiled ROTTEN! I have already had friends give me gifts, take me out for meals and coffee... my fabulous in-laws had a special dinner for me on Sunday... fried chicken, mashed potatoes, baked apples, cole-slaw, and biscuits... topped off with ice-cream and yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Not to mention their incredibly sweet and thoughtful gifts. Thank you mom and dad!

tonight. (or should I say last night? okay on Tuesday night) Libby got me flip-flops. Samuel gave me earrings. Ian and Michael gave me a sewing book I wanted. Mike took me out to dinner... we went through a thift store and found some great finds. And then we hit Starbucks... we talked and dreamed and planned.

Today (well, 8 or 9 hours from now) we will be going to the VA Aquarium. What a birthday. It's like birthday week.

Thank you God for your kindness towards me!

Last day at 28.

Okay, so tomorrow I'm going to celebrate my 29th birthday. Next year I will celebrate my second 29th birthday :) Ha ha.

I get really weird and sentimental about birthdays. It's as if everything I do is a reminder of the passing of time and I must make it count. It's how I get about New Year's. I don't know. It's like I smack up against a wall and realize I can never go back to that age again. I will never be 28 again. Just like I will never be 13 again.

Time passes in strange ways. Days can feel so long and full and never ending and yet the days turn into weeks and into months and into years. I never understood as a kid why adults said time went by fast... it felt like ages.

Someone explained it to me recently. The concept of time passing being relative. To my daughter, Libby, when I say Christmas is coming it will feel like forever for her. But she's only had 4 Christmases. Now I on the other hand have had 28. I've had so many years beh…

Turning One is Fun.