Okay so it's just a little after midnight. I'm 29 and spoiled ROTTEN! I have already had friends give me gifts, take me out for meals and coffee... my fabulous in-laws had a special dinner for me on Sunday... fried chicken, mashed potatoes, baked apples, cole-slaw, and biscuits... topped off with ice-cream and yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Not to mention their incredibly sweet and thoughtful gifts. Thank you mom and dad!

tonight. (or should I say last night? okay on Tuesday night) Libby got me flip-flops. Samuel gave me earrings. Ian and Michael gave me a sewing book I wanted. Mike took me out to dinner... we went through a thift store and found some great finds. And then we hit Starbucks... we talked and dreamed and planned.

Today (well, 8 or 9 hours from now) we will be going to the VA Aquarium. What a birthday. It's like birthday week.

Thank you God for your kindness towards me!


Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday, my sweet big sis! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you. I'll call you later. : )

Caren said…
Happy Birthday Jen! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful day!
Bekah said…
Happy Birthday Jennifer!
Lizzy said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Jennifer!!! so glad you are having a BLESSED week!! lots o' love! ps ~ when you get a chance, would you mind calling or emailing me your license plate info for the reception? Thanks girl!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Wish I could be with you on this special day. Take care and tell the boys HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Jen, we rejoice in another year with you. We love you and pray for you. Thank you for being such a wonderful wife to our son, Mom to our precious grandkids, and daughter to us!

Dad/DaddyMike & Mom/FaF
AmyB said…
Happy birthday yesterday friend! It sounds like your day was wonderful! I love you!
Sarah said…
Happy Birthday Jennifer Leigh! Sorry this is late, but glad to hear you are having a fabulous week....

Big birthday hugs xxx

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