Days like this.

me and michael.

just finished exercising... great time for pictures.

I have to remind myself that I won't always smell like some mixture of Desitin and sun-screen. I won't always have to change diapers... or buckle them into car seats or feed them with a spoon. My kids are going to grow... and change... and leave. So I want to savor these moments. The random cheerio I find as I'm undressing for the night. The oatmeal clumps clinging to my hair. The smell of spit-up on my shoulder.

Some day life will be boring. The house will be clean and in order. The carpets cleaned. I will have time to paint my nails or take long showers. I will be able to serve others because my kids will be grown.

So, I know this season, just like all the others in my life, will pass. So savor. Drink deep. Enjoy the noise. The boisterous laughter. The loud chaos that surrounds me.

Play with the kids. Tickle. Laugh. Hug. Run. Chase. Drink some tea... and when it gets cold... pour it over ice.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for being so wise to grab and treasure these days, Jen. It will go quickly but you are doing a wonderful job of being wife, mommy, good friend ,etc.
The pictures are adorable and Libby could be a model.
Melinda said…
SO TRUE, SO TRUE DEAR FRIEND.I ask them to stop growing all the time, but they refuse to listen, Gabriel says " I have to grow up and be a daddy, and move away...but don't worry, I'll live right next door" That is my prayer. I LOVE you Dear friend.
erin. said…
Well said. :)
Anonymous said…
Good writing. Great Photos. I want come over and play...

love you,

Lizzy said…
beautiful post, jennifer. i loved it!
great words of wisdom, and the pictures prove that you practice what you preach. wish you were closer so that your influence could rub off on me. thanks for sharing.
Wendy said…
So true Jen, and thanks. I needed to hear that!

Libby looks so like you...beautiful!

Love to you all
Anonymous said…
This is such a good reminder! I love the pictures!

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